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    GP2X Any Developers Interested In A Game Project?

    If you are looking for a publisher for a GP2x project - we at Van Basilco are a young yet experienced company who is interested in niche products and supports them. Feel free to get in touch with us if this turns our serious... mscharl {at} vanbasilco {dot} com
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    GP2X Logic Level Of The Gp2x Ext. Port

    I think the topic says it all. :) I need to know which logic level the extended port (rs232) of the GP2x has. PSP has 2.5V, µC 5V for example. Thanks a lot for your efforts!
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    Gp2brew : Issue Zero

    What articles are on this Diskmag? I would love to read it, but my GP32 is in vacation in Greece.
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    Gp32 In German Documentary Series "we Are Family!"

    Sorry if someone found this out before. I haven't been in the forums for a few months now. Anyway, I just zapped around and saw that the German documentary series "We are Family! So lebt Deutschland" ("Germany lives like that") on the mainstream channel ProSieben, and it has a short shot of a...
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    Meetup At This Years Games Convention (germany)

    Some kind of company and the presenter of it, yes.
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    Meetup At This Years Games Convention (germany)

    I'm gonna have a booth there. Means that I'm there for more than a week for 100%. ;)
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    Gpx2, Gph, Gamepark, Gamepark Holding - Wtf?

    Okay, I see... that's pretty odd. So when did they split and who of them developed the GP32? Who is the one which is responsible for the creation of the BLU as well as the distribution in Europe? And is Mister Lee now the C.E.O. of GamePark or GamePark Holdings?
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    Gpx2, Gph, Gamepark, Gamepark Holding - Wtf?

    That's it. GPX2 will be the successor of the GP32. Also made by GamePark. And as far as I know, GamePark Holdings and GamePark is the same.
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    Dcs Needs Your Help

    Dreamcast-Scene is a free encyclopedia for everything about the Dreamcast. Everyone can submit and edit articles on DCS. If you're speaking French, Korean, Spanish or other languages, you can join the editors and translate and submit brandnew articles if you like. French...
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    Psx Emu

    And you absolutly don't have the right to call someone a "little fag". PC /= GP32.
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    New 3d Or Psuedo 3d Games

    What ever happend to the 3D engine which was ported to te GP32 half a year ago?
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    Vidgames Zockertreffen 4

    I've found even more pics...
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    Vidgames Zockertreffen 4

    Ehm ehm... *cough* Well, at least something from Starcat, yes. =)
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    Vidgames Zockertreffen 4

    Unfortunately the forum is down currently, which was the heart of this community and meeting. But I can give you some impressions some visitors had made: My favorites are: (Dreamcast...
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    Zodiac Coming To A European Games Store Near You!

    I bet that the Xbox has better specs than the Zodiac. So what?
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    Gp32 Dreamcast Link Cable

    To be honest, I dunno. I expect that we're talking to the production factory end of this year.
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    Gp32 Dreamcast Link Cable

    Errr... dunno, we're using US$ for internal calculations, but it won't be more than US$ 20.
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    Gp32 Dreamcast Link Cable

    No, we don't release a diagram of it. Anyway, we'll produce it a several hundred times and sell it for a real good price, if you want to make one by yourself, keep in mind that it will cost four to five times more than the official one (the parts for our first prototype cost more than 40 Euros).
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    Gp32 Dreamcast Link Cable

    Because the Dreamcast and GP32 are now some kind of open source gaming platforms, we thought of bringing two neat scenes together, plus there are a few features which could be realized due it: * Trade savegames (e.g. ScummVM, various emulators) * Stream music on the DC from the GP32-SMC (or...
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    Gp32 Dreamcast Link Cable

    Yepp, things are going slowly but good. I really can't wait until we have a new working prototype, you'll find out for sure when the time has come. ;)