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    Pandora With Extras For Sale

    Pandora in full working condition. Both nubs, dpad, wifi all working great! Come's with the official case, spare battery and 3 x 16gb SD cards. £350 paypal gift posted special delivery in the UK I've been here years and i'm Romhunter on eBay Cheers
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    Gp2X Tv-Out Giveaway ! Gp32 Boxed Games! Gp32 Chatboard!

    Hey skeezix I'd kill for a gp2x tv cable if you have one spare? if I'm too late no worries dude :)
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Wow notaz thanks for the Christmas present! I've been keeping my fingers crossed for something special pandora related today :) Thanks again!
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    [Pcsx4All] Looking For Betatesters

    I'm happy to help test!
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    My Caanoo results. FW 1.5.0, no overclock (533mhz): Blitting test: 331.5 Plasma: 252.3 Rotozoomer: 162.5 Rotozoomer near: 251.3 Rotozoomer far: 59.4 Radial blur: 22.6 3d bunny 5.1
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    Pandora For Sale

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    My Pandora For Sale

    Just to give it some more exposure :) Here
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    Pandora For Sale

    Hi I have a batch one pandora for sale which I was lucky to get in early May. It is in great fully working confition including both nubs. A few light marks which these batch ones seem to come with and the normal slight bow in the lower screen casing. I will include the official carry case...
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    Pandora Original Case For Sale

    Mine :)
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    That's fixed it for me. Thanks Jdbye :)
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    No worky for me :( Same error message in my out.txt
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    No Audio Left Speaker

    Well good news I fixed it! :) The fear of having to send it back prompted me to have a look myself being the hardware hacking kinda guy I am. I stripped the screen out and removed the speakers testing that they both functioned correctly which they did but only when soldered to the right channel...
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    No Audio Left Speaker

    Mixer settings all OK. Headphones work in stereo but seem abit off when changing volume with the wheel keeps flicking between mono and stereo at different levels. This doesn't effect built in speakers I get no sound out of left speaker at all :(
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    No Audio Left Speaker

    I love my pandora and was lucky enough to receive one of the very first ones way back in May. Yes I have dodgy shoulder buttons and a bowing bezel but none of these niggles would make me send it back. I've noticed today that I get no audio from the left speaker and I can't be sure how long it's...
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    I was in contact with Firefox when I got my Pandora about a month back. Here's what he had to say: "'Fraid I haven't done any Pandora-related stuff for nearly two years now, and don't have a dev environment set up anymore or any binaries knocking about. (In fact, I was going to set up my Pandora...
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    The Youtube Video Thread!

    Well here's another shit video from me to get this thread back on topic! Running at 800mhz with sound on and runs about the same at 500mhz with sound off. Early days but promising :)
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    My Pandora Review

    Mine has the same issue on the left hand side and it's not the rubber stopper thing, doesn't bother me I like the little quirks as it reminds me of pain you guys have gone through getting these out the door. :)
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    The Youtube Video Thread!

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    I Got It!

    I'm sat here stroking my Pandora while waiting for Pickle todo his magic :)
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    The Youtube Video Thread!

    The laptop has a 18.4" screen. I'll take a new video tomorrow on a better camera and edit it :)