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    God Bless The Gp32

    Lol i like that maybe we should all put it on the next census in the UK then we will have Jedi's and well shall we call them GP32...ers ? :S -Aldur
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    Geekiest Thing You've Done Lately

    I must concede that is much geekier than me i just organised the my documents. my friend says the geekiest thing he's done is watching me post in this Thread :P -Aldur
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    Is Their A England In New Zealand

    Englands a country isnt it? :S :P i dont think there a an 'England' in new Zeland -Aldur
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    Possible Evidence Of Gp64?

    Well im not going to ruin your fun of enjoy but im very skeptical. -Aldur
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    Have You Ever Paid For One Of These

    I like that lubidog i must congratulate you on a job well done! :D I think he should get a medal or somthing for going out of his way to scam the scammers. Well done!!!! -Aldur
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    Decent Fantasy Novel.

    Right i cant belive no one has said these yet but here is a list of must read fantasy novels i have read each of these books 5 - 10 times and have hunted down and purchased hard back first editions of them all (god im sad) ^_^ 1. Echoes of the great song - David Gemmel 2. Drenai tales - David...
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    Geekiest Thing You've Done Lately

    I think that it must be going through my documents on my pc and actually putting them in some sort of order >_< or is this just wasting time?
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    Possible Evidence Of Gp64?

    I must say im quite skeptical about this. afterall if it where real wouldnt there be some sort of press release on the gamepark website? Sorry to dash anyones hopes but i dont think this is real as surely there would be some more press. -Aldur
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    Save Games In Fgb32

    Thanks everyone! Does anyone know when the new version of FGB32 is coming out its all rather vague on Retrodev or can anyone recommend a better emulator for GB on GP32. Thanks -Aldur
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    Save Games In Fgb32

    Hello i was wondering if there is anyway to put the save games of gameboy games saved from emulators on the pc to FGB32 on the GP32? if anyone has any ideas on how to do this or something like this could you please let me know! Thanks. -Aldur
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    Systems That Haven't Been Emulated Yet...

    Tamagotchis would be great! I remember when everyone had like a doezon a tamagotchi conversion would be good, i know that there is the other game monster ranch or something but i think a Basic Tamagotchi clone would be great! ^_^ -Aldur
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    Help Me With A Moral Dilemma

    it depends on what country your in if ur somewhere in the uk then perfectly acceptable if not advisable however if you where in the maldives or hawaii then it simply not done and what a waste!
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    A Rpg

    im not complaining im just saying that it will be ultra awsome when its finished
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    I'm Sad

    this reminds me of an article i saw in the papers a couple of weeks back that had storys of errends people used to send employees on and one was that a company used to send older less techie employees to the computer hardware store to get a bag of pixels for a broken moniter! LOL LOL LOL LOL...
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    Do I Have The Ability To Mod My Gp?

    if your not confident dont desolder anything is my advise because if you do try your hands will probably shake and then you risk screwing everthing up either send it off to someone who knows what they are doing, or find a mate who is confiedent in soldering! but if you just want a glass screen...
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    Should I Mod My Gp32

    thats really dodgy and unnesscessary! but anyway i think as long as i did it properly a paint mod would look cool! after all i have seen some cool pictures of them one minute i'll get the web address...
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    Ppl @ School Buying Gp32s

    well thats awsome i havnt thought of advertising to teachers hmmmmmm :)
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    I'm Angry... It Came But I Couldn't Get It.

    i have to agree that would really really piss me off but im so perfect i couldnt possibly blame myself :) so just blame everyone else
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    have you got chrono trigger thats a great RPG
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    Ppl @ School Buying Gp32s

    just a bit of a cheer up for all the oldies "Your only young once, but you can be immature forever" and the moral of the story is dont grow up :)