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    and what about Xscorch ? And is a really good game !
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    Bor Beta 1

    sounds amd musics works? :unsure: i ear anything
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    Bor Beta 1

    Crashes at charge time :o I've tried it with european firmware(freeze) , winds up (BIOS monitor) , pacrom (error)... and i've puted the pak and fxe files for two times :angry: Someone with this problem?
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    Users, How Old R U?

    27, 28 in a month
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    GP32 Install Sdl Libraries On Linux

    Thanks Robster, this is just what i was looking for ! :lol: Now i can't install it due the Xfree doesn't want to start and i will reinstall Linux with a stable distro :rolleyes: This web is now in my bookmark ;)
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    GP32 Install Sdl Libraries On Linux

    Can someone help me with the installation of chui's SDL libraries on Linux? I've putted the .h files in /usr/arm-thumb-elf/include/SDL and the .a files in /usr/arm-thumb-elf/lib , but at the time of compiling Vector , i receive this message: I'm using debian, but if someone knows some tutorial...
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    Adic 2003 Results

    Really, Puzzle Mix is the better game of the list. Oankli, te lo has currado tela ;)
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    OpenSnes9XGP 0.3 WIP

    Evil_Cartman, you can save the settings on the menu, you can save it for one rom or for all roms ;) I don't use sound, but with video, input configuration and some other options works OK.
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    OpenSnes9XGP 0.3 WIP

    My only wish is that you can continue working so well like until now :D
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    like Squidge said, the file uses AMOS format. I downloaded the sources some days ago and i couldn't open it. If someone can extract the sources and put it on zip or rar format and upload it here i will be verya pleased :rolleyes:
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    great game, but i found this game engine could be very usefull to make a Scorched earth for gp32. The maps , the shots physics and collision effects are perfect for this. loki666 , make a view to this game if you don't played before ;) Of course, if your release the source code (thanks foir...
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    where do i put my gp32 avi's?

    Where you want. I have all my avi's at gp:\\videos
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    GP32 Spain translation

    i have seen my posts in GP32 spain and the translation is very bad ...
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    GP32 Linux toolchain tutorial

    Thanks for the tutorial. I installed my own tool kit teh past week, but there will be more people on my pas situation :D
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    What operating system do you use

    Linux . i have dual boot on my laptop for use the pclink and play call of duty. Now i'm trying to configure winex to play CoD on Linux and waiting for better programs to connect PC with GP32 on the penguin system :P
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    GP32 using images and Linux

    by now i arrive at the conclusion that the C file gimp created doesn't works well (wel , i created it bad :P ) . Someone know how convert to C files in Linux? And i have another question, when i use gpg files seems that the programs try to acces to the SMC file system and doesn't access to the...
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    GP32 using images and Linux

    No way, i have the same problem. I think the error is in the data i put on thin variable , i will search for another program to trasnform pictures on C format on Linux ;)
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    GP32 using images and Linux

    My firts post, my first help wanted.... :P I'm learning to program gp32 and by now i'm using Linux for this job. Now i'm trying to insert images on my programs, but there is no way, i allways get different kinds of scum on the display :angry: Using C files: To pass from png file to .c...