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  1. mosschops

    Aqua Blue 3ds and dslite for sale

    Hi all, i have an aqua blue 3DS for sale listed here on ebay. (ebay link to auction) (3ds) (dslite) If anyone on here is interested let me know and will "arrange...
  2. mosschops

    icontrolpad for sale £30 ex shipping

    for sale : 1 icontrolpad with rubber sides and original clamp plus cable. Light use only. can also include an unlocked iphone 2gs to use with if interested at excellent price. PM if interested [EDIT] This is now SOLD
  3. mosschops

    256MB pandora for sale £200 (ex shipping) plus extras

    for sale 1 256mb Pandora, case has no cracks but is a bit loose around the bottom left corner. Has been used lightly with no overclocking to play tetris by my other half. I will inlcude 1 extra battery, charger, official case and a pack of x-stylus crayons as well as original proddy thing...
  4. mosschops

    Nintendo patents emulation on low end systems

    Saw this earlier and wonder if it could well end up being used to fight emulators on phones, PMPs and the like. Its certainly an interesting patent moving g forward Sent from my GT-I9100 using...
  5. mosschops

    None serious case issue

    Good day, i think i may have sheared the single bottom rear screw when i lobbed my pandora onto my pillow last night (yes, ok i sleep with her... so judge me!!) before playing some games in bed. This morning i noticed a gap at the back as shown in the picture. I can squeeze the case back...
  6. mosschops

    Gp32 & Gba+ Fla For Sale

    i have the following for sale, i would rather not ebay them but will do so if nobody is interested.... 1 * GBA in clear grey/blue with warioland, mario kart and zelda oracle of seasons(battery pack, light, battery pack power supply) 1 * GBA flash linker with 256m flash advance card 1 * gp32...
  7. mosschops

    windups & pclink.gxb

    Hi all, i've just uprgade to MultiFW so i can boot straight to windups, but cant seem to find anywhere to grab pclink.gxb from (i assume so i can link to pc from within windups). does anyone know where this is? ive done a google and a search of his site (found plenty of occurences but no urls)