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  1. Silent-Hunter

    Is the PyraOS going to have systemd-homed?

    I don't really like the sound of this. Does the PyraOS have to use this?
  2. Silent-Hunter

    Pyra Fax Modem?

    Can the cellular modem in the Pyra be used as a fax modem? There's a restaurant that takes orders by fax, it'd be nice to be able to do that.
  3. Silent-Hunter

    Does anyone think this would be a good software for Pyra? It's pretty neat, IMO. Currently I use Nativefier to make "desktop programs" out of web apps, but with this they could all be in one place.
  4. Silent-Hunter

    Help with using sox as a voice changer?

    I already posted a question on Super User about this, but I was wondering if maybe someone here knows. I'm attempting to make a realtime voice changer to make me sound like a turian (from Mass Effect). What I'd like to do, is take input from the mic, split it into two channels, lower the pitch...
  5. Silent-Hunter

    Pyra News section bold despite no new posts

    This is frustrating because I usually only look at it if there's new posts.
  6. Silent-Hunter

    Why is eSATA adapter active?

    I can't seem to find information on how the Pyra's eSATA adapter works. Why does it need to be an active adapter if the eSATA lanes are already on the extra USB 3 pins?
  7. Silent-Hunter

    Radio transmission from Pyra

    Could something like this be adapted to the pyra? Maybe with one of those FTDI cables in bit bang mode?
  8. Silent-Hunter


    What resolutions will the Pyra's inbuilt display support? Will I be able to change it away from 1280x720 using xrandr? I'd like to be able to temporarily change it to 1360x768 so I can use VNC from my desktop without having to pan.
  9. Silent-Hunter

    Does the PALMAS support any quickcharge standards?

    Exactly as it says on the tin. I'm wondering if the Pyra will support that. I probably won't use it because I've heard it shortens battery life, but I'm curious if the PALMAS supports it.
  10. Silent-Hunter

    VirtualHere on Pyra?

    Can someone try VirtualHere USB server on a Pyra prototype or OMAP5 devboard? There's multiple ARM versions.
  11. Silent-Hunter

    I need help with .bash_profile

    I put a script to add a key to ssh-agent in my .bash_profile, and it's running before the login prompt comes up. This is bad because when I input the password it's displayed in the open. I want it to run after I login. I'm running Devuan, if that matters. Is it not possible to run interactive...
  12. Silent-Hunter

    Voice over LTE

    Can Voice over LTE be implemented in software, or does the modem have to specifically support it? I ask because I know the Pyra is meant to last a long time, and I imagine they'll eventually turn off the 3G network like they did with 2G.
  13. Silent-Hunter

    SysRq Key?

    Does the Pyra have a SysRq key? It can be useful.
  14. Silent-Hunter

    MicroUSB 3.0 connector robustness

    How sturdy is the micro USB 3.0 connector on the Pyra? I worry because the one on my external hard drive seems flimsy, and disconnects internally if it moves too much.
  15. Silent-Hunter

    Input/Output from GPS

    Will it be possible to read the coordinates from the Pyra's GPS in a format like this?: "40.748,-73.985" I want to be able to get the weather where I currently am using this: I was thinking of creating a cron job that would run a script every 5 or 10 minutes...
  16. Silent-Hunter

    Smoke in Western US

    Man it's really, really smoky in some areas. I took some photos. Yesterday: And today...
  17. Silent-Hunter

    What filesystem will/should Pyra have for root FS?

    Apologies if I shouldn't be asking this, it was discussed in another thread but I thought it should have its own. What root filesystem should the Pyra use by default? Ext4 isn't very nice for flash memory, is it? I was thinking F2FS, but I dunno how mature it is.
  18. Silent-Hunter

    Using shop vouchers on shipping?

    I thought there should be a separate thread about it, since the discussion in the Pyra news thread got buried. Hopefully a solution can be found!
  19. Silent-Hunter


    Will the Pyra support E911? I think in order to be sold in the US, it legally has to. But the penalties seem to apply to the phone network carriers, not the manufacturers, so I could be wrong. Devices not sold by the carrier might not have to.
  20. Silent-Hunter

    HSP Headsets on Pyra?

    Will bluetooth headsets work using HSP profile? Apparently they removed support for HSP from Bluez 5, I'm not sure why. This link also talks a bit about the issue.