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  1. IntenseWage

    Selling My Gp32 Blu + 128 Mb Smc + Smc To Xd Converter There's the new one. The old one was flagged for removal by eBay. I guess they didn't like the mention of "emulation" in the title. Should have figured. :lol: Edit: Also, I'm going to include a CD that will have pretty much the full...
  2. IntenseWage

    Selling My Gp32 Blu + 128 Mb Smc + Smc To Xd Converter

    Just don't need it anymore. It's in great overall condition and works perfectly. Threw it up on eBay and just figured I'd make people here aware as well.
  3. IntenseWage

    Gp2x Skins

    Don't know if anyone here has seen this, but has templates for you to design your own GP32 and GP2X skins on their site.
  4. IntenseWage

    Im Putting My Gp2x Behind Me

    I'm currently loving the PSP scene. If I can knock my new PSP about anything, its' the screen - it can have some really noticeable ghosting and is definitely not as nice as the GP2X's. It makes up for it by being huge, though.
  5. IntenseWage

    Latest Payback Video

    I could swear I heard that when the Shout Out track was playing. Listening again.. Edit: So it's "Shot Out" and "TO a nigga or a fine-ass ho." Still bad. Whatever, I guess that's the best they could do as far as licensing music. If the game is awesome, it isn't even going to matter.
  6. IntenseWage

    Latest Payback Video

    That is looking great, but a hearty "lol" at that Shout Out rap track. "Kill a nigga or a fine-ass ho. Shout out!" Please do better with the rap or don't put it in at all. D:
  7. IntenseWage

    The Ultimate Comprehensive Review Of The Gp2x Handheld (videos + Pictu

    I don't know. Besides some really stupid inconsistencies like the Neo Geo emulator not being up to par and the MAME emulator being disappointing because (I'm assuming) he tried nothing but newer, more intensive games, I think this review's alright. He pointed out his disappointments and what...
  8. IntenseWage

    New Wip Of Xigon-x Alpha Version

    Haha, still using those border graphics I made for you?
  9. IntenseWage

    Whatever Happened To Rlyeh?

    I sold my GP2X a few days ago so I guess it doesn't really matter to me anymore, but out of curiousity, whatever happened to Rlyeh? He was supposed to have that big "f-day" ages ago and that never materialized. It's too bad since his emulators were excellent when he actually finished them. Is he...
  10. IntenseWage

    A Lot Of Xgp Kids Information

    This shit is serious business. D:
  11. IntenseWage

    Beat2x V0.5

    I'm guessing not, but does this version have StepMania support yet? This is an otherwise great program and that's pretty much what I'm waiting for.
  12. IntenseWage

    Odonata Playable Demo Release!!

    The gameplay is tight. I'll say that. The graphics are definitely 90's shareware, though. The backgrounds are ugly, the animation is lacking, etc. That's too bad because graphics have always been an important factor with a SHMUP. It gives it the flair it needs, especially when it's as generic...
  13. IntenseWage

    Odonata Playable Demo Release!!

    Could someone Rapidshare it or something?
  14. IntenseWage

    Just Downloaded The New Vektar Demo

    Is there going to be a downloadable full version?
  15. IntenseWage

    Odonata - Pack Of Screenshots

    I was initially completely unimpressed with those screenshots, but the video definitely changed my mind. Too bad it's ultimately going to be the same generic shmup we've all played hundreds of times before on other systems (unless it has some sort of really entertaining gimmick we don't know...
  16. IntenseWage

    The Gp2x Rap

    hay guys lets rap abt video game :B
  17. IntenseWage

    The Gp2x Rap

    What the fuck.
  18. IntenseWage

    Which Snes Emualtor Is The Best To Get.....

    That's the problem. I have owned the real systems and have played these games the way they were meant to be played. It's amazing what can be done now, but the amazement only lasts so long.
  19. IntenseWage

    Which Snes Emualtor Is The Best To Get.....

    I finally got this new MMU hack version working, and while it's the nicest SNES emulation has been on GP2X, it still has finnicky problems here and there. I just couldn't be bothered. Does anyone else ever get a feeling with these emulators that we're all striving to perfection for games we've...
  20. IntenseWage

    Which Snes Emualtor Is The Best To Get.....

    I'm getting the same problems as you, Jurrasic.