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  1. Mega5657

    Replacing Caanoo Lcd Help

    Thanks, I got it to slide up, and I put in the ribbon. I plugged in the charger and to my relief, it turned on with the screen fully functional. I put it back together and everything seems to work.   Ahh, finally got my CAANOO to work.   EDIT: Oh I bought the same LCD implemented in CAANOOs from...
  2. Mega5657

    Replacing Caanoo Lcd Help

    Hi all,  But now I was able to purchase a replacement CAANOO LCD and even though I'm new to working with hardware like this, I've managed to take apart the thing (with difficulty), however I'm stuck on the final bit. The actual removal and replacement of the screen.    How do you remove the...
  3. Mega5657

    Somebody Please Do An Amiga Emulator!

    Please be patient. Even though it may not seem like it posts like these tend to annoy some people. Just be patient. Even If there's nothing posted some developer could be working on or planning to port it. The most likely Is that the amiga emu on the Wiz will be ported to Caanoo. Patience is...
  4. Mega5657

    So Why Would Anyone Want The Caanoo?

    Ookaay. Unless that post has some deep meaning I warn you to keep your post advertising free and focus on the topic on hand. I don't know what flying spiders and network nodes have to do with the CAANOO(unless that's what its made of) I can't talk too much about snes emulation because I've only...
  5. Mega5657

    Saturn Emulator

    From what I've learned from lurking on these forums the psp has other things to take some work off the main processor which allows the psp to be more efficient. Look at all the commercial games on the psp. A lot have a full 3d environment with a bunch of actions happening on-screen yet most...
  6. Mega5657

    Gpsp Help

    Try to download it again maybe it got corrupt or something. Also make sure your bios is working properly. If all else fails try formatting your sd card.
  7. Mega5657

    So Why Would Anyone Want The Caanoo?

    Even though most people do(comma) comparing the software between the two handhelds is a bit unfair. The Wiz has been out for at least a year already. The CAANOO only for 2-3 months. Although really(comma) it'll be awhile before the systems are on "even grounds." The software made on the CAANOO...
  8. Mega5657

    Saturn Emulator

    Pretty depressing but yeah pretty much. At least you're straight to the point :P ( at least not for the CAANOO or Wiz)
  9. Mega5657

    Caanoo Or Psp At The Moment?

    You also have to remember when GINGE comes out (or at least I hope it does[comma]but it probably will) there'll be loads off polished emus and games. Also GPH is trying to get some commercial games out for the CAANOO and WIZ (although you can't really compare the games because sony obviously has...
  10. Mega5657

    Nintendo 64 Emulator?

    I think Super Smash Brothers would be fine. You only need Left Right Jump Down Attack SpecialAttack and the Throw/Guard button. Left Right Jump and duck could be handled by the dpad. Attack SpecialAttack and an Alternative Jump (I kinda have a feeling pressing up on the dpad might be a bit...
  11. Mega5657

    Gpsp Is Out!

    Have you tried zipping kingdom hearts? Many games only run when zipped and vice versa. (Some games only run when unzipped)
  12. Mega5657

    Picodrive 1.80

    Anyone else having trouble with NBA 97? Sound works fine in the intro screen until you get to the menu, the sound shuts off. When you play games it is still muted. And also, during games, where it is supposed to display the player's name it displays mutombo. Something also strange is that...
  13. Mega5657

    A Few Setup Questions, Please Help

    1.By mame-something folder, he means just extract it and you'll get a folder with a file name mame-something (the something means he doesn't exactly know the whole filename) 2. The .ini files go in the game folder. 3. Usually each emulator folder has a rom folder in it. That's where you wanna...
  14. Mega5657

    Devil 64 Newest News

    jan nik and crow riot both made my day =P
  15. Mega5657

    Prospective Buyer With A Few Questions

    Setting up , just means (most of the time) placing a couple of files on the sd card , sometimes you have to find a bios. Other things , like amiga and dosbox, require a more effort. But "setting up" is pretty painless for the most part Also my wiz didn't brick when I updated to 1.2.1. EDIT...
  16. Mega5657

    Redemption: Liar - Plus Memorial 5 Arcade Games

    Just got this game yesterday and so far, Im having fun I had to update to 1.2.1 firmware though ( I was crossing my fingers hoping it wouldn't brick :P ) Its also interesting to note that it mentions a vibration option in the manual.
  17. Mega5657

    I ♥ My Wiz

    Its hard for me to compare the wiz to the pandora, because the pandora and the wiz are in a completely different price range. But on a different note, I love my wiz (from a non-developer's perspective) :wiz:
  18. Mega5657

    Non-Working Gba Games

    The GBA emulator doesn't have the biggest list of non playing games. There's the snes emulator, FBA, some MAME games, I know one of the punch out games for NES doesn't work, personally I think it is one of the most optimized emulators for the wiz :wiz: as exophase said
  19. Mega5657

    Non-Working Gba Games

    3rd EDIT: After clearing my post because I thought a sav file wouldn't help because Kingdom Hearts crashed at start, but actually it was because my game was zipped. THIS GAME HAS TO BE UNZIPPED!! KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES WONT PLAY AT ALL UNLESS ITS UNZIPPED!! You need this...