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  1. rx_shorty

    Wiz-Ti92: A Ti-92 Calculator Emulator V1.1.0 For Wiz

    Never heard of this before but sounds pretty neat! Thanks!!
  2. rx_shorty

    Qtopia Wiz V1.0

    Nice! Any chance the new version of it QtExtended is going to ported as well?
  3. rx_shorty

    Fungp Preview

    Well found a topic in and thought it would be somehow nice to post it here ;) GP2X-INT posted:
  4. rx_shorty

    Ommpc2X Version 0.4.2

    Sure am :) edit: How to help and where to start? ;) edit: Found it and working on it :)
  5. rx_shorty

    Picodrive 1.56

    Heh indeed! A Software issue. Glad to see it really is working :)
  6. rx_shorty

    GCO Video Clip at Youtube

    Heya :) Nice pictures ;)
  7. rx_shorty

    Check Gamepark Holdings At Gco In The Youtube

    Heya :) Nice movie. I wish I had the time to come to Leipzig that day :(
  8. rx_shorty

    Ommpc2X Version 0.4.2

    Looks very slick! I will give it a go! THANKS :D
  9. rx_shorty

    Picodrive 1.56

    Thanks notaz!!! :)
  10. rx_shorty

    Gph Is Going To Release The F-300

    Yep it was more of a order email of how much units we desire. But then again, the latest news from ED is something I keep myself pinned on. I wasn't there at Leipzig. It's a bit strange...
  11. rx_shorty

    Mame4All 2.4

    Thanks again Franxis :) I going to try it tomorrow. Keep it up.
  12. rx_shorty

    I Am Thinking About Selling My Wiz

    Well in Euros? 120 euro?
  13. rx_shorty

    News From Gph

    Ahhh ok :) Well yeah some of my customers I really interested. About the games, DRM is necessary, if you like it or not... Only problem that can pop up is if you exchange your unit for warrenty issues.
  14. rx_shorty

    Deleting Files in Wiz

    You also tried pressing CTRL+H to get rid of the Trash hidden folder on the SD-card?
  15. rx_shorty

    Psx4All Released For The Wiz

    Hiya! Ahh I see you already working on stuff ;) Thanks for this release :D !
  16. rx_shorty

    Scummvm: 1.0.0 "preview 1" Releases For The Gp2X And Wiz

    Very good work! Thank you for this great release!
  17. rx_shorty

    Whats The Deal With The New Handhelds?

    Oh yeah to get a look on what is already running check: Openhandheld Wiz Archive G4L Uploadcenter Wiz Archive Good luck! :)
  18. rx_shorty

    Do Not Order Wiz From

    Well pulled open some boxes and checked them, they look just fine. I think you have some bad luck on that cable :( Making money? ;) It is more a hobby for me... But then again I understand your frustrating. :huh: ps. torpor could you drop me a email? Maybe I can help you.
  19. rx_shorty

    Do Not Order Wiz From

    Pretty hard I guess... But it has his pro's, when a Wiz is stolen, mostly without the cable, they have fun for about a day ;)
  20. rx_shorty

    Whats The Deal With The New Handhelds?

    Hiya, There is al lot of comparision threads already in these forums: Here Here I own a Wiz and pretty happy with it :)