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  1. jutleys

    New website for all retrogame handheld devices

    Hi just wanted to share my latest website i am trying to add as many devices as i can i also will add legacy devices soon up to GP2X hope you enjoy it :) My website My Discord channel My youtube channel...
  2. jutleys

    early bird price for pocketgo 2

    This is the early bird price for the first 1000pcs. We will increase the price after that. Reviews here Estimated shipping time: 20th, Dec 2019 Technical details: Processor: JZ4770 Dual-Core 64Bit - 1.00Ghz Software Functions: Retro...
  3. jutleys

    RG-350_v1.4_BASE_121019 Firmware updated

  4. jutleys

    Pocketgo CFW v1.3.2 05/10-2019 updated

  5. jutleys

    LDK & Bittboy info

    LDk retrogame system another amazing handheld you can buy it below New bittboy V3 units in stock at retromimi get your orders in while stocks last. RetroMiMi:BITTBOY, LDK & MORE Use code 'happy2019' for 20% off bittboy(edited) For people in the...
  6. jutleys

    RS-97 RetroFW v1.2 Pre patched & IPK Releases (updated daily) Big Thanks to Tony-jih, Steward-Fu ,Ping_Flood,sauce,jbanes,dinosaw_act,benob,jack83,hi-ban,,m1024 and all the other contributors for all the hard work. Latest IPK Releases & RetroFW v1.2 pre patched updated All RetroFW v1.2 Pre patched just...
  7. jutleys

    Join my Bitboy discord server

    For all your retrogame handheld discussions join my server
  8. jutleys

    My moded GCWZERO

    Just got round to mod the gcwzero here is the end result added a moded analogue nub on most above pic.
  9. jutleys

    The World's Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC

    The World's Most Powerful Pocket-Sized PC
  10. jutleys

    My new websites retrogamers

    Hi guys i have added a new gcw website below along with the rest of my other websites i hope it helps others thanks.
  11. jutleys

    New GCW-ZERO website

    Hi guys i have made a new gcw website below along with the rest of my websites hope it helps others thanks.
  12. jutleys

    Hello people

    Its been a long time since i been here and forgot about this site please take a look at my websites below nice to be here again.
  13. jutleys

    Joyou A320+ Specs & Downloads

    Manufacters Website   Purchase from here   Joyou A320+ Spec Sheet   16gb internal memory 128mb ram Screen 4.3inch...
  14. jutleys

    GCW Zero SE Edition black

    Selling my new GCW SE Edition Not long left its on auction good luck
  15. jutleys

    K1 GBA SP

    Ok guys new decals for k1 released look amazing professionally fitted before your k1 ships they look amazing not only do they look great the protect your precious from erveyday scratches I just ordered the link is as follows
  16. jutleys

    Zune Hd Game Development Help Us

    Hi we at need developers for games on the zune hd i am sure most of you have head of the zune hd we have cracked it open and have it open with zdk development basicly programing in cc+ CE 6.0 we have full access to hardware now and doom running great games and emulaters are...
  17. jutleys

    Caanoo For Sale With Extras

    hi selling my caanoo still as new with extras please feel free to take a look.
  18. jutleys

    Pandora Original Case For Sale

    Hi there here i have a original pandora case forsale still new hope it finds a good home please take a look.