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  1. Caine

    IAC 2016 - Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

    Currently the International Astronautical Congress (iac2016) is being held in Guadalajara, Mexico. The event is being livestreamed. Of special interest, at least to me, is the SpaceX talk to be held tomorrow about the technical challenges in creating a Mars colony. This particular talk can be...
  2. Caine

    Google DeepMind Challenge Match

    Anyone following the ongoing Go match between AlphaGo (AI) and Lee Sedol (9-dan pro)? Video link : I am not a Go player myself, so it is hard to fully appreciate the match in all its glory. That said, AlphaGo is performing very...
  3. Caine

    SpaceX lands first stage rocket!!

    After the failed resupply mission in June this year (CRS-7,, SpaceX will launch its next Falcon 9 rocket tonight (assuming no further delays occur). The primary goal of this mission is to deliver 11 satellites into orbit. The secondary goal is to...
  4. Caine

    Share your Emacs and VIM tricks.

    A while ago I decided to install EVIL - the Extensible VI Layer package in Emacs. This package adds the modal editing features of VIM on top of the Emacs platform such that you can use the combination of both. I am not a real VIM user myself, but I've heard from others that the majority of...
  5. Caine

    Taxes and political economy

    This thread was split from here: Yes. Approx. 37% on the first 20.000, 42% on the next 35.000 and 52% on the rest. Social security tax is deducted from our income by our employers (e.g. for...
  6. Caine

    Pyra keyboard layout - requirement analysis

    There are many good ideas in the keyboard layout thread, but I feel it is getting a bit unfocused since everyone is optimizing towards non agreed requirements. How about brainstorming a bit about what we actually want from the keyboard layout. Here is a start. The Pyra keyboard: must support...
  7. Caine

    Humble Android Bundle

    As indicated in the topic title, the second Humble Android Bundle is now available.
  8. Caine

    Linux data-recovery tools

    My main bootable harddrive of my desktop just went fubar. There are were some source code folders, savegames and documents on there which I would REALLY like to have back. Does anyone have experience with data recovery on Linux? In particular, what tools can you recommend? Not entirely sure...
  9. Caine

    Release KeepNote

    Per request in this topic, a quick port of KeepNote. I'm not too familiar with the program myself yet, so if at least the requester can assist in testing it would be appreciated. The PND can be found in the repo. Known bugs: Insert screenshot seems to fail. Apparently you need to configure...
  10. Caine

    Release TV-out configurator

    Here is an initial version of a TV-out configuration tool. This application is intended for use on (the currently unreleased) Zaxxon Hotfix 6. I'm not packaging it as a PND yet as it most likely won't work on other versions. Currently I have neither a TV-out cable nor an installation of...
  11. Caine

    Third Humble Indie Bundle

    The Third Humble Indie Bundle is now available for purchase. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Humble Indie Bundles are software bundles of a couple of games by independent developers where you determine your own price. The money you pay is distributed between the developers, charity...
  12. Caine

    Release OVR editor and PND aware application launcher

    This is a simple application launcher dialog which I have written which is aware of PND files installed on the users system (as opposed to the standard Run Program... dialog. In my nub configurator thread, peelie asked for a tool to simplify setting of keyboard shortcuts. I initially dismissed...
  13. Caine

    override file specification

    One of my current projects is an override file editor (amongst other functionality) for XFCE. The wiki page mentions the following with regard to the override format: The term icon title was a bit vague to me and I interpreted this as two separate keys icon, title. However it doesn't seem to...
  14. Caine

    Release Nub configuration alternative

    Here is a small python script which provides an alternative way to configure the nubs of the Pandora. I didn't really like digging through the nested menu structure of the nub settings configuration script so I decided to create a tiny project to replace it. It is mainly a play project to...
  15. Caine

    Flash Plugin For Cortex A8

    Found this on Perhaps OPT can look into this and incorporate it into the firmware if it works.
  16. Caine

    German Orders Shipped Later

    Rough translation: Sorry for posting this here ED, but I don't want to register on the German boards as well and some other Dutch people around here might be interested. Does this also hold for orders from the Netherlands (placed at your shop)?