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  1. darklight1138

    Does Anyone Have A Spare Power Adapter?

    Long story short, I made an unfortunate decision regarding a place I moved into. Things got ugly, I had to leave in a hurry, and I grabbed some stuff AND my Caanoo but not the power adapter. The person renting me the room got rid of ALL of my stuff (Xbox, TV, desktop computer, a bunch of other...
  2. darklight1138

    Just Ordered A Yinlips Ydpg16...good Buy?

    I have a Caanoo which I love, but I want to be able to play more PSX games as well as N64, plus I want Wifi and a few other features. Sounds like the G16 was the best bang for the buck. I do have some questions. I heard that the sound lag still persists. Is it that noticeable and will Yinlips...
  3. darklight1138

    Ninja Spirit For Mame

    Has anyone found good MAME settings to get this running well? It's slow unless I turn off sound, which I obviously do not want to do. I'm familiar with MAME but haven't messed around too much with the settings. Appreciate any help.
  4. darklight1138

    What Emulated Game Has The Best Graphics On The Caanoo?

    Aside from PS1 and homebrew games. I'd say SNK vs Capcom for Neo Geo, even though I can't quite get into the game.
  5. darklight1138

    How Many Games Do You Have On Your Caanoo?

    On my 16gb card, I've got around 6700 games. I just got bored and decided to see. It's kinda cool to know I could pick a new game to play every day and it would take almost 20 years to play (not beat though) every one. It's also neat to show the device to a friend and tell them you have...
  6. darklight1138

    Is There Anything Coming Out To Replace/compete With The Caanoo?

    I love the device, but there is still plenty of room for improvements. I understand GPH may be pulling a Sega now and might not be making hardware anymore, which is a shame. I was hoping for a "Caanoo 2.0" which would include: -Non bezel-obscured screen, or larger Droid phone type display...
  7. darklight1138

    Has Anyone Gotten Cbz Comic Book Reader To Work?

    I downloaded this from openhandhelds yesterday and can't get it to even start. I couldn't find any clear instructions but saw on the download page a few comments, and so followed them and downloaded Python. I am experiencing the same problems as the guy there. Is there a trick to getting this...
  8. darklight1138

    Will This Wifi Dongle Work?

    My link I searched the forums but I probably missed something. Is it just a matter of plugging it in, enabling USB, and then using something like Netsurf to view the internet? Some discussions look like I have to make a program or add lines to something. I just want to be sure it isn't too...
  9. darklight1138

    Picodrive Is Awesome!

    Yes, this is old news. But since the Caanoo is still barely out of infancy, I figured I'd bring this up and give the PicoDrive a random thumbs up here. I wish more emulators were like this. - Fast, reliable emulation (seriously, I think I have two games that don't work properly; the rest are...
  10. darklight1138

    Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers Revenge For Cps2 Not Loading.

    ROM Clone of nwarr NO It begins to load and upon the "fill cache data" it stops at 97%. I'm a little confused because there appears to also be a Vampire Hunter 2 Darkstalkers Revenge which is a different game and it runs fine. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  11. darklight1138

    Would This Usb Controller Work With A Caanoo?

    My link Hard to beat for $4!
  12. darklight1138

    Some Themed Caanoo Skins

    Batman Superman Star Wars
  13. darklight1138

    Can't Get Picodrive To Save Sega Cd Options.

    Bari Arm requires some tinkering with settings in order to get it to run at a playable speed, but when I save the settings it doesn't remember them upon running it later on. Is this normal? Thanks!
  14. darklight1138

    My Caanoo Review

    Although the Caanoo has been out for a while and there are plenty of reviews, I figured I'd throw my two cents worth in and include an "angle" which is review coming from a former owner of the previous model. It's long but hopefully thorough and helpful for people who haven't decided between...
  15. darklight1138

    Mame Rotate Scale And Gba Audio Buffer Question

    Hey guys. Two quick questions. 1 - In MAME, when you rotate the screen and use the I and II buttons, on some games those buttons work fine but they will also function as the insert coin function and so you'll be pressing it to fire during the game and you;ll get the little credit jingle if you...
  16. darklight1138

    Picodrive Not Saving Config For Loaded Sega Cd Game?

    I could have sworn I could save a config for an individual Sega CD game with my Wiz. I'm playing a Sega CD game and I attempted to change a few settings and up the clock speed. I go to option 'save config for loaded game' and it says it saves it but when I load the game later on, it didn't save...
  17. darklight1138

    Had My Caanoo For About A Week...a Few Questions About The New Feature

    Having played my Xbox 360 a lot lately, I found that I adapted to the Caanoo's analog thumbstick pretty quickly. My first question is this: Are there any games, besides some homebrew ones, that utilize the analog aspect of the stick? Like any roms for some of the "newer" game console emulators...
  18. darklight1138

    Some Kind Of Manager Software.

    I know Gmenu tells you how much space you have left, but I'd like a program that goes deeper than that. I'd like one that can tellIf how many roms you have; in total, or by system. E.g. it can tell me how many SNES roms I have. It can tell me how many emulator programs I have and how many just...
  19. darklight1138

    Rip My Wiz Sadface

    Oh well. I got a lot of fun times out of it. Bad timing as I am about to go back to the hospital for surgery and was not really dreading it because I would have had my Wiz to keep me occupied as I did when I was in the hospital for a whole freaking month before. First a button died so I sent...