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  1. Lazrhog

    Order breakdown milestones

    OK, so we must soon be approaching the milestone that is that 'all 1st day pre-orders will have been dispatched'. Getting any kind of information regarding how close the rest of us are is proving pretty difficult. Can we at least have the following information .... How many Day 1 pre-orders...
  2. Lazrhog

    Wohoo I'm On The List !

    OK, so I am now officially on the first batch pre-order list. This means I will have ports of Neverball, Neverputt, and my iPhone games MiZoo and iPlutoid in the works for the Pandora :-)
  3. Lazrhog

    Gp2x Just Made My Life A Whole Load Easier :-)

    Just got back from a 3 week holiday, which involved a 10 hour drive there, and a 10 hour drive back. The problem ? My 2 year old in a car !! So what did I do ? I encoded up some Dora, Tweenies, Toy Story 2, Madagascar, and some others. I then got 2 pieces of Elastic that fit snugly...
  4. Lazrhog

    Tv-out Disappointments ....

    So, I finally sorted myself out an extension cable to let me use the TV-out cable (another 10 quid). The TV-out cable I have is one of the supposedly good ones from GBAX. Anyway, when it is plugged in, any slight movement in the cable where it is connected to the GP2X, results in the picture...
  5. Lazrhog

    Donkey 64

    WOW, you guys should check this out. It should be noted that I don't own a PSP, but man are they managing to get some power out of it or what .... This video shows Donkey 64, supposedly a N64 emulator running practically full speed on a PSP .... Mario Kart anyone ... ? PSP Link
  6. Lazrhog

    Tv-sold-out Cables

    Thought I would order one of these last week from Craig (seeing as its my Birthday on Sunday). 24-Hour delivery - no probs. Order placed Thursday. Out of stock. Great. Why doesn't it say out of stock before you order rather than after ???? :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  7. Lazrhog

    GP2X Noiz2sa

    Well, I would just like to say how impressed I am with Noiz2sa. What an incredible piece of software. Awesome. If anyone hasn't checked it out yet they really should ! Some really neat programming going on in there. Can't wait to steal some of the visual ideas :D
  8. Lazrhog

    Sega Compiled Mame

    Well, I finally sussed what I was doing wrong with the M68000 stuff and have managed to port all the sega game drivers to the GP2X. Outrun works perfectly .... at 3fps :( I am guessing Franxis is finding out the same as me. We desperately need the blitter boys to suss out the 2nd...
  9. Lazrhog

    Use The Targetting Computer Luke

    OK, so it took a bit more effort this time, but StarWars is definately playable (not quite full speed), and features all the sound and speech :D It's not ready for release yet, as there are loads of atari games to get working, but its definately a good start. hee hee, I'm getting the...
  10. Lazrhog

    Mame Pacman Driver

    Woohoo, following snaffs xmame hacking about directions, I sooo just got pacman working on the GP2X. woohoo :-) And Pengo works too :-)))) All run at full speed (but you have to have the GP2X on its end) :-( EDIT: MsPacman works fine too. I don't have JrPacman to try it, but I...
  11. Lazrhog

    Has The Gbax Second Shipment Arrived Yet ?

    Hey Craig (or any other GBAX crew on here), has the second shipment arrived yet ? I am trying to determine if you are in your 2 day testing phase prior to packing yet ..... :rolleyes: thanks. :D :D :D :D :D
  12. Lazrhog

    So After Consulting With The Posts On Here ....

    4x2500mah rechargable batteries + 1hr charger reduced to £24.99 in PCWorld at the moment Energiser 2500mah Batteries at PC World plus, a power adapter from argos (the one from the other threads) - currently on offer for £9.99 Argos (supposedly GP2X compatible) Power Supply All I need now is...
  13. Lazrhog

    Gbax We Need An Official Comment Please

    GBAX (Craig et al), we really need to know what the situation is with regards to the product recall. Are you delivering units from now on that will not be subject to the recall, what serial numbers are affected by the recall, and will units be returned to GBAX, from then on to Korea and back...
  14. Lazrhog


    I don't have my GP2X yet (Grrr), but I am really surpirsed there hasn't been a quick and dirty port of MAME yet...... Is everyone just assuming someone else will do it ? Is it gonna have to be me when I get mine ? Anyone got any news ?