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  1. Seraptin

    Pandora Delivery

    Soo... Craigix is from sweden now ? xD Anyways, great news ! I can almost feel my Pandora baby now. Cant wait to play with her buttons ^^
  2. Seraptin

    The Humble Indie Bundle

    Well you could always just use the PC-Gamefiles on the Pandora with the ported source. Just like its done in Linux for q3 or enemy teritorry. (or Duke Nukem on the gp2x :D ) That would require no developer involvement. Ofc a readily availible Pandora game would be the peak of awesome ;)
  3. Seraptin

    We Have Cases Folks

    Woooho :D I just hope thats really it :) Still cant belive it Oo is this really happening ??? Or is it maybe just a prank of the Matrix ? I dont know anymore.
  4. Seraptin

    Architecture Of Handheld Gaming Devices

    mh ok thats nice too :D as i already said was not sure about that... thanks orkie
  5. Seraptin

    Architecture Of Handheld Gaming Devices

    Well, the hardware layout of the gp2x is pretty simple but i havent looked that much into it. Basically its a ARM System on a chip. Most of the controls are integrated into that main chip. Than we have the 64MB NAND-Flash which holds the linux-system and 64MB dram. I dont know if the gp2x has...
  6. Seraptin

    Gp2x Community Game Contest: Community Favorite Winner!

    If i understand that right he will get his payback ;)
  7. Seraptin

    Gph Go To Leipzig Game Convention

    and me :P Hope ill meet you at the gph camp :P
  8. Seraptin

    Fhm Mention Of Gp2x

    well FHM is not the kind of magazine i would read for getting any useful information. But i think its positive to see the gp2x in that many magazines. :)
  9. Seraptin

    Free 128mb Sd Card

    hm that wont work outside the us right ???
  10. Seraptin

    Replacement Battery Cover For Gp32

    i think lik-sang had the last ones.... gamepark sold their stock of gp32 parts to them...
  11. Seraptin

    Gp2x Mounting Read-only?

    well my problem (the one from was that i couldnt format my sd to fat32 with my card-reader and the usb connection of the gp2x didnt work right. (found a device but didnt mount it ) i had some other card with fat32 on it, updated my firmware with that one and then tried the...
  12. Seraptin

    New Gp2x Box And Case Pictures

    hm yeah blue would look cool.... the box looks a little bit "empty"... but its got style.... i want to see a white box. It reminds me of an ipod... not much on it but cool :)
  13. Seraptin Contest

    I want that gpenguine wallpaper :) it roxx :) gpenguine 4 president !!!
  14. Seraptin

    Gp2x Review

    Hm vimacs figured that that could mean: Click to enlarge the picture xD
  15. Seraptin

    What Do You Think About A Football Manager?

    German Cricket lovers ??? hm i dont know any :P and i am german :P
  16. Seraptin

    What Do You Think About A Football Manager?

    in that case, me :P i dont like football managers.... but you should do it for all those football-loving ppl out there :P
  17. Seraptin

    Uae Portrd By Squidqe

    lets hope squidge gets bored again tomorrow :P
  18. Seraptin

    What's This All About?

    hey, maybe it's just a common korean expression :P
  19. Seraptin

    What's This All About?

    Hello Everyone~ We inform you about GP2X-F100 development process facts that many people wonder 1. Game SDK with GCC 4.x 2. Genesis/Megadrive/MegaCD 3. Sound core, Doom porting, SNES 4. Neo-Geo 5. Quake engine porting, 3D work 6. NES, SMS, MSX, GBC, GB 7. Others: Utility development for...
  20. Seraptin


    go reesy go :) too much good news today *faints*