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    I Just Want To Know

      No, because it was never alive.  You're welcome.   This forum is mostly dead, however.
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    Caanoo For Sale

    Hello, I listed this for sale here before, then forgot about it, moved house, lost the Caanoo, then found it again :) It's a (boxed) white model with the screen tear-off thingy still on it, in very good condition and with the latest firmware installed. Spare stylus included. £55 posted in...
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    Not sure if this has been discussed before: Looks OK, and it's pretty cheap...
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    Caanoo For Sale

    Hi guys, I'm having a clearout of a load of old games stuff that I no longer use, unfortunately the Caanoo falls into that category. It's a white unit, in good condition with the original screen "tear off" still on it, and comes with the stylus. All the buttons and stick work perfectly, and...
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    Long Lost Mate

    This isn't Facebook, Mr Spammer :P
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    This Is Just Sad.

    To be devil's advocate, the external IP address doesn't really prove anything though, does it?
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    Looking To Buy A Caanoo

    I got mine from ED's shop too, I can highly recommend it. There are also usually a few sellers on eBay, but I can't vouch for any of them personally.
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    Where To Buy?!?

    Was it? :lol: :P
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    Where To Buy?!?

    The best place to buy from will depend on where in the world you are. EvilDragon's shop (based in Germany): Play Asia (based in Hong Kong): Like Hansel75 says, there are quite a few eBay sellers too...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday Reesy :) Thanks for your FBA port, it's providing a welcome distraction from doing unpaid overtime :D
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    A Proposition For The Current Caanoo Emulation Scene

    There's already a great selection of emulators/homebrew available for the Caanoo, so I'd hate to think people might be put off by the lack of updates - what's there already is plenty to make it a worthwhile purchase. Generally, devs will provide a link if they're interested in donations. I'm...
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    What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

    Amiga 500 More Richard Joseph goodness. The Chaos Engine: NES Legend of Zelda: Amiga 500 My brother and I recorded this on to tape when we were younger because we loved it so much! Ninja Warriors...
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    Nemu64 Troubles. Help Me!

    :lol: Hmm, smarter spambot, or new record for clueless noobness?
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    New User, Getting A Little Intimidated

    Welcome :) BAFelton has made a starter kit that can be extracted to your SD card, you can get it here: This will set up the folders and provide the emulator program files, then you need to provide the ROM files (these are...
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    Happy New Year

    Link's broken. :P
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    Jxd S7100, The "caanoo" We've Been Dreaming Of?

    No shoulder buttons? Fahgeddaboutit :) Android is getting boring. Also, Java sucks.
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    Caanoo - Any Chance They Will Release A Spare Battery?

    Yeah, I'm a fan of stuff using standard batteries too. I miss my GP32, but then I'm a sentimental old bastard. Link for the uninitiated I'm not sure what battery the Caanoo uses - I know the Dingoo uses a semi-generic type that's readily available, maybe there's something compatible out there...
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    What Colour Does It Come In?

    I've got a white model too. Like BAFelton said, the thumbstick starts grey, but ends up a dirty yellow colour. If that sounds like something that would bother you, I'd go with the black/blue one instead.
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    Screen Protector

    Cool, thanks for the suggestions :) The official protector seems pretty expensive for what it is... I might try to cut something else down to the right size. Thanks, it's good to know that the screen's pretty tough. If I can't find something suitable, I might just go without too - I always...
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    Screen Protector

    Hello, I still have that plastic thingy on the screen that the Caanoo came with, but it's looking a little rough around the edges at the moment. What screen protectors are everyone else using? Thanks :)