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  1. N3Cr0

    Open Pandora (faulty LCD Cable) 1 GHZ

    My Rebirth Pandora just started having this purple tint of death. Now I'm desperately looking for a new LCD cable. I hope they will be produced, pretty soon.
  2. N3Cr0

    A final Pyra Newspost!

    Thank you so much, ED and Nikolaus! Your video even helped me with one of my projects: Making a usable keyboard layout on the Sailfish OS port for the Sony mk16i. Where all other tools failed on that device, evtest turned out to show me all information I want.
  3. N3Cr0

    Release Xash3D - Half Life

    Finally, it's even working for me. Before, it hung for me when the guards should open doors, which they didn't.
  4. N3Cr0

    Release Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v3.0

    Didn't know about this game before. It runs very well on my Rebirth. Just one thing to complain: There is a little typo in the PND's title.
  5. N3Cr0

    Wishing you a very merry christmas with some short news!

    Wow, that went really fast! I'm so happy, this website finally works again with Opera Webbrowser (yes, I'm still using the old outdated version with all its features). :happy: Merry Christmas!
  6. N3Cr0

    Dark theme

    Finally! Normal people :D However, I think it's a good idea to lower the contrast a bit. Black and white is never a good combination, but dark and light grey, or black and a slightly light grey is. Off-topic: I cannot write a reply in Opera Webbrowser anymore. It seems to be caused by the...
  7. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    Just dared to upgrade on SD. Now it runs fine, although a bit choppy on 800 Mhz. Even the bug before where you could save anywhere, has been gone. Great work!  :D
  8. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    There is my other custom system (with newer graphics driver and some software installed via opkg). But it's worth a try.
  9. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    That may be a good idea, except installing new software on an already full internal memory. But I can clone the whole OS, no problem. I hope there are not too many changes in the new version, or I will not be able to distinguish which of them are default and which are mine.
  10. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    OK, then it's probably my old firmware. Also my SD card is ext formated. Thank you! So I have to update my Pandora these days. I refused to do this for a while, since I have heavily modified my system config, but I forgot which changes I made. And the updater broke my firmware too often.
  11. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    It crashes whenever i try to start a new game. Also the "load" menu entry is not grayed out (but savegames show up as corrupted). There is no log file, so I have no idea what is causing the error. EDIT: It's similar with Chrono Alter. But this time, the game crashes when I try to speak to the...
  12. N3Cr0

    Announcing:Vampires Dawn soon on the Pandora

    I have to try it out! Last time, this game was unplayable buggy with EasyRPG.
  13. N3Cr0

    The Pyra is crying!

    Wow, how did Nikolaus solder those small traces? Did he use special tools, or did he manage all that with an ordinary soldering needle and wire cutter / knife ?
  14. N3Cr0

    Release ManiaDrive

    I wish I hadn't this input lag on my Rebirth @800Mhz. It makes the game really hard.
  15. N3Cr0

    Beta Announcing GLBasic 3D Platformer "Reggie World" for Pandora

    Awesome! You have proved that retro graphics can even look good in 3D. And of course, this looks like a lot of fun. It Reminds me to Super Mario 64, but with easier level geometry.  I can't wait to play it.
  16. N3Cr0

    OEM stylus stuck in slot.

    I had the same issue when my Pandora was new. Just pull it out with brutal force and put it back in. Do that 10 times and the problem should be gone.
  17. N3Cr0

    SD Card - broken FS/ToC (FAT32)

    Hello, today I experienced a big loss of data on my SD card in the 2nd slot of my Pandora. The Card is FAT32 formated and 16GB of data are still used. However, all I see is an empty folder named ".android_secure". I have already tried recovering my files with "photorec" from the package...
  18. N3Cr0

    What Desktop Environment is going to be used on this?

    ↑ I'm somehow missing people's trust in Fluxbox. It has almost as many features as as full DE, but is very light weight.  Hm, maybe it's style is too outdated, i'm not sure.
  19. N3Cr0

    Release Diablo

    I tried the shareware (will search for my full version, soon). It doesn't run on my FW 1.61: not enough space availlable on drive Z "Z:" is linked to "/". That's strange! However, it runs great when I start the OS from SD-card, since it has much more storage.
  20. N3Cr0

    [Cancelled] Aluminium cases are NOT being made!

    Now it's the two weeks™ thing.