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    Mr. Driller Gbc

    This is a cool puzzle/arcade type game where you have to drill through blocks to get to the bottom of the level without losing all 3 of your lives. There are various ways to loses a live, you can run out of oxygen or get crushed by a falling block. Theres 4 different modes on the game 2500ft...
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    Gp32 Game Reviews

    I've started a GP32 game review site. So far i've got 3 reviews. The site can be found here. I'm open to any suggestions and comments about the site. I've noticed a couple of link problems and i'll fix them later today.
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    Simpsons (doom Pwad)

    This game is Doom 2 but with all the simpsons characters thrown in. The download can be found here. Gameplay 8/10 Same as the Doom 2 levels but it would have been nice to see some new levels. Graphics 10/10 All of the monsters have changed in to simpsons characters eg. Ned Flanders instead of...
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    3d Capabilities

    How good is the gp32_console at producing 3D graphics on games?
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    Sam & Max Problems

    I've got sam & max on my GP32 along with SCUMM but can't seem to get pass this part it just stops and no credits apper. (the picture was taken from using scumm on my PC and the game works fine on that) i've tryed day of the tentical, monkey island and loom and they run fine.
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    Processor Replacement

    Is it possible to replace the gp32_console processor with a faster ARM9?