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    Allegro Input?

    Well, the description pretty much asks my question :P How are the GP2X's buttons mapped in Allegro? I've tried a keyboard test, and I've tried a joystick test, and so far nothing. Are controls even implemented in Allegro, and if they aren't, would it be possible to do it with SDL? If so, can...
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    I'd love to see GBA emulation on the GP2X, I know a lot of others would too. Has anyone looked into the source of GPAdvance and tried to recompile it, out of curiousity? Of course the current ports of VBA aren't too great, but GPAdvance, if I recall right, tried running the ARM code somewhat...
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    Qtopia Opera On Firmware 2.0

    I'm guessing I should place this here, so if this is the wrong forum, please don't chew my head off :D; Anyways, before I flashed to Firmware 2.0, I used the 1.4 kernel with the hacked network stuff on it. I had everything set up perfectly, Opera could connect to Google, and I could view pages...
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    Ugh, Another Problem -_-

    I need a copy of all of the files for 1.4.0. By that, I mean the movie player and whatnot. For some reason I have 1.4.0's Explorer but 1.0.1's video player. Can one of you point me to where I might be able to get these?
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    Screen Flicker

    Several programs (Gnuboy2x, DrMD to name the couple I've tried) are having a problem with screen flicker. Both are having problems with the menus and flicker. Do you guys have any clue what might be up? In Gnuboy it's bearable, but Dr.MD makes it near impossible to look at the menu sometimes...
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    Firmware Flashing

    I've seen a lot of firmware flashing posts, but using the search has turned up nothing, so let me ask you guys here. Is it OK if I just flash a new firmware? Does it matter if I'm using 1.0.1, 1.2.0, or 1.2.1? Should I possibly downgrade to the original first before upgrading, or is it safe to...
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    Couple Questions On Battery Life.

    I have a couple questions for you guys. First off, the built in battery meter that's in the firmware, the one in the Settings menu. Exactly how good is that at reading battery life? Usually when it hits Medium, I only get a little playtime left. Now it says Empty, but it seems I have a lot of...
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    Rechargeables Or Ac Adapter?

    I've got enough cash for 4AAs and a battery charger, or an AC adapter at Radio Shack. The problem here is that I want to update the firmware when I get my GP2X, and most people recommend an AC adapter for updating the firmware. However, if I get an AC adapter, I'm going to be buying a lot of...
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    Firmware Pros And Cons?

    Hello everyone. Recently I ordered a GP2X, and while waiting for it to ship I decided to check out software as well as firmware updates. I have a Sandisk 512MB card, which should allow me to flash the firmware. While checking out all of the different firmwares, I noticed that different versions...