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    Why I Love Blighty And The Nhs.

    National health service in the UK
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    Pandora People Map

    Right click on the "View in Google Earth" link just above the map and choose copy link location. Then paste the string into the search area and click search maps. That should then show everyone. HTH
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    Programming On Pandora

    I would really love to see a tutorial on how to get set up with an IDE, like code::blocks or similar, and link all the libraries (if that is how it's done). Then maybe a simple hello world program for the pandora.
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    Is It Still Possible To Preorder For First Batch?

    Send an email asking to, you might get lucky.
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    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    Personally, I certainly don't mind a non perfect finish. As others have said I doubt any product is totally without flaws. As long as the device is mechanically sound and works as it should, which I believe has been tested as thoroughly as possible, I will be more than happy. Saying that, it...
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    Pandora For Online Gaming

    I've never tried online gaming over wifi. Does it cause any problems with latency on fast paced fps games etc?
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    Silk Screen Poll

    I really don't care what is printed TBH. So I haven't voted as that option is not there ( I am a first batch order-er BTW ).
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    When Is The Real Release Date...

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    Pandora People Map

    I'm quite impressed at how many people are near me. Mazza558, Tobs, Wild_Duck, Marianne, kaprikawn, DeMoB and Herbicide are all within a few miles really. East midlands rules.
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    Pandora People Map

    I think I have added mine between Derby and Nottingham, UK, but I can't see it on the map unless I go to the last page of users on the left hand side and click on my user name? Oh well. Can someone explain to me how I would reach the map from the google maps home page, ie, not using the direct...
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    Uk Phone Contracts And Bluetooth Tethering With Pandora

    I'm with T-Mobile in the UK and pay £7.50 extra for web and walk. I tethered my NC10 netbook via bluetooth with no major problems. I don't pay any extra for using my data connection, however i only do light browsing so maybe it's because I don't hammer the connection. I used this site to help...
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    Commercial Games

    I thought I may as well chime with my thoughts. Although I like the idea of commercial games on the pandora, and I would buy many of the suggested titles. I would much rather the time and money be invested in setting up a dedicated set of video and/or written tutorials for pandora development...
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    Reordering Deadline

    My personal cheque has been recieved and my order has been secured B)
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    A Name For New Upcoming Pandora Zine

    +1 for Hellollo, I also think inside the box would make a great name though :)
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    Thanks for the answers, I'll just have to "un-7zip" the ones I have and "re-zip" them up again. Cheers
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    I know this isn't directly a pandora question but I thought I'd tag it in here as it would save making a new thread and it could be deleted by a mod after anyway. I was wondering if the emulators for the pandora (such as sega genenis/megadrive or SNES) support 7-Zips .7z format for ROMS. Or do...
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    Reordering Deadline

    Yeah, I think I sent my email on Thursday evening, so I'm sure you'll get yours through soon.
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    Reordering Deadline

    I have got a reply :) My cheque will be in the post on Monday
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    Reordering Deadline

    No reply for me yet :( Hopefully they're just overloaded with orders
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    Reordering Deadline

    I sent am my email off last night around 11pm UK time. I hope I can get in as I missed the original preorders.