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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    The path should be: /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/TIInit_11.8.32.bts In debian, the package firmware-ti-connectivity ("apt-get install firmware-ti-connectivity") puts some firmware files there: that path should work. Strangely, the specific firmware you need is not included in that debian...
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    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    There are. I personally use, as it has a gateway to freenode (IRC). To join the pyra room in freenode using a matrix client (that is, "riot" on mobile devices, "nheko" on Linux), you have to use the following room name: Be patient the first time...
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    ... we're still alive!

    Another vote for 16GB minimum (although I would honestly prefer 32GB). Rationale: I want the pyra primarily as a linux computer; as for me (retro-)gaming is only a plus. 16GB is certainly enough for a reasonable devel environment, but In this PC debian installation I have 15GB used in /... add...
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    What WM/DE will Pyra OS use?

    I'm using ratpoison right now in my pandora and it is reasonable. I have the panel disabled (definitely not usable in ratpoison), but the desktop works ok. It is really  nice having all apps being opened full screen, and being able to open apps using a key combination, even from the sdcard. For...
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    Keymat Layout - the Final Poll!

    I've voted 4 and 7. I prefer 4 as it has Spanish support, but it isn't a big hassle to xmodmap that into whatever layout is chosen. What makes me like those layouts: - Dedicated ESC key - Ins and Del are in the block with PageUp/PageDown/Home/End - Backspace/Enter/Shift/Fn are in the places...
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    Current Keyboard Layout

    SDL and X permit to put them as a combo, but for example Android keyboard definition files (.kcm/.kl) need F1..F12 to be in their own keycode (AFAICT). Not that I want to use Android in the pyra, though...
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    Obscure computing device fantasies

    In the similar devices you have not mentioned both the SII (Seiko Intruments Inc) Ruputer, nor the Seiko Chronobit. I had the American version of the ruputer (Matsucom onHand PC). You can see it in the following image, with some other watches and a phone. From left to right: the Matsucom onHand...
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    Discussion on repository, packages, etc. (split from Some thoughts thread)

    Knowing what packages are "the base OS" for the pyra, the "dependency problem" is not very hard (it is a matter of pulling all the dependencias into the dbp and doing the customary LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LD_PRELOAD et al). That said, I'm more concerned not only by /usr but also by /etc. Debian...
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    JACK instead of Pulseaudio?

    It is possible with ALSA, as I do it in my HTPC. But it is very cumbersome: 1. To modify the default output you have to change the ~/.asoundrc and restart the app using the sound card. This can be automated with a gui and some scripts, but the application restart is not very user-friendly. 2...
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    It's the keyboard layout.

    I like this one a lot. Editing with vi and general command-line usage using that layout would be very nice indeed :) .
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    It's the keyboard layout.

    Is there any reason for not having AltGr and shift in the same side? I would greatly appreciate having them one above the other (shift above AltGr) to be able to: 1. Map additional keys to AltGr+shift+key 2. Use always the same thumb for the modifier. Rationale: The first one is to enable...
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    It's the keyboard layout.

    For the missing keys: I would love to have the missing keys (^, ') mapped using AltGr+rightShift into one of the symbol-only keys, that is, into the current (,) and (.). AltGr+rightShift+, -> ^ AltGr+rightShift+. -> ' Alt-Gr+rightShift can be simultaneously pushable by the right thumb, if...
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    Pictures for the weekend

    As DAP says, using a Type-C is not trivial. But it seems that converting an OTG port to Type-C is VERY difficult. This page has a run down of the problems with that: It seems to me that the...
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    Pictures for the weekend

    Also interested in this. I would prefer a USB Type-C (the reversible new connector for USB) in place of the "blue type-a USB" port. Is that still possible? Have you looked into it?
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    Emulator brings x86 Linux apps to ARM devices

    FYI, there are two ways to use a modern skype in Linux without pulseaudio: 1. Using apulse (a wrapper for skype, emulates pulseaudio API calls with ALSA). 2. Installing the last skype but then reverting the main binary to an old one and purging pulseaudio...
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    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

     I also like it. For my own use I would redefine the "Super" in the top row of buttons to be the dead_acute, but that would be trivial to do with an xmodmap in the .xinitrc or equivalent. Good job :-).
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    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    AFAIK, it doesn't have the same expressivity. The reverse of "loadkeys" is "dumpkeys". If you execute that on the console, it dumps the current keymap to stdout (that keymap is usable with loadkeys). "dumpkeys -l", gives additional information, such as the supported modifier keys. The problem...
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    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    That would be sufficient for most use cases, but it bothers me... Right now on the pandora I can open a terminal, become root and "chvt 1". And there I have the console at VT1. I can change between consoles with Alt+F<n>, and return to X with Alt+F7. That means that I can mess with the X...
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    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    I don't see how it would work without having a Fn key. If I'm not mistaken, the pyra will have in the order of 60-62 available keys (45 at the bottom, 4 from dpad, 3 from the middle buttons, 4 or 6 from the "fire" buttons, 4 from the shoulder buttons). A standard international keyboard has 105...
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    Unofficial Keyboard Layouts

    I'm somewhat late to the party, but here is my contribution. If, as mentioned in another post, this can be though of the "current idea for the keyboard", there is indeed a problem for mapping international layouts. Ideally you need at least one key to map the different dead keys (in my case...