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    An Apology

    In the past I have said that the Pandora would never be delivered. Well I was wrong and I would like to apologize for being such a negative troll. Well done to Craig and his team for fighting through the adversity and getting it done against all the odds. Conrad
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    Is The Pandora Vaporware?

    It most definitely is vapourware - and is so out of date now I don't see what the point of releasing it is. LOL I mean - when it was one year later that was kind of annoying, but 2 and a 1/2. ROFLOL And people are still waiting. PMSL
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    Time To First Ship?

    Still 2 Months to go
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    A Harsh Dose Of Reality

    I have continually stated that the Pandora will NEVER be delivered, and I have yet to be proved wrong. I would like you to look at a post from over a year ago on this thread...
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    Iphone Running Unreal 3 Engine

    Wow, a handheld device that's already shipped running the Unrreal 3 engine Wow!!!
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    Shipping Date: Guessing Game

    Let me see, release date is probably about 2 months from now.
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    New Games

    Now that the pandora is so late (still vaporware last time I checked) and much more powerful handheld hardware has been released whilst we have been waiting for it, do you think the pandora is relevant anymore? Will it get developer support?
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    Official Status Update Incl. Table

    Yep, just more lies!, But now its a lot easier to see them. They've been lying to every one for over a year now.
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    Nokia N900

    "I think it sucks having to hold both a pandora and then a cell phone" Well, as the Pandora is and always will be vapourware you won't ever have that problem.
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    LOL, when will any of you finally realise that - It will always be 'close', it will always be 2 months away, IT WILL NEVER BE DELIVERED. When you are all still here a year from now discussing how it is still 2 months away, will you realise then? LOL
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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    1) It will NEVER be released 2) There are already more powerful handhelds available now - they took too long trying to get the Pandora to market
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    How Do We Decide?

    This is all a bit of a pointless discussion isn't it? When will it sink in that this thing will never ever be released - nobody is ever going to get one. All the evidence points to the fact that the Pandora team are not capable of producing a project of this nature. Even In this thread...
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    July Is Here - When Will It Be Released

    So July is here - still says "Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits, takes 30 - 35 days)" Is that before or after the boards are made. Looks like its still a VERY long wait to see one of these things for real. Next year maybe?
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    "The most powerful handheld in the world"

    Amazingly I posted this exact same topic a few days ago, and it was deleted. I then complained about it being deleted and then that was deleted too. I'm glad this post hasn't been delete too. I would like to offer the following - In my original post (that was deleted for some unknown reason)...
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    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    Well said! Couldn't have put it better myself. But currently the pandora is a 'non-product', currently it is vaporware. How can you not see that? If it walks like vaporware and talks like vaporware then it is vaporware. Please see the hardware section of...
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    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    Yep he was rude, bit it was horse-shit. I would recommend people look at these small examples as a small and unimportant selection of 'homebrew' development that has done it before, and in spades Two small...
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    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    I never suggested that 'they' don't exist, where 'they' means dev boards and funny plastic trial units. However I will tell you what does not exist - final production units - and they never will. Have you personally seen a video of a production unit? Have you seen photos of a production unit. If...
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    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    Well, this is a difficult one. It is in fact impossible for me to be proven correct on this one - its a bit like proving God doesn't exists - that is also impossible. HOWEVER, if in a year or two's time, you are still visiting these forums saying that the pandora will be released in a 'couple of...
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    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    hobbyman 3 - I have yet to be proved wrong.