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  1. Alibobar

    Pandora And Msp430 Controlled Car

    Personally I would make a robotic-RC-car that sort of 'embeds' the Pandora and you can control it on a different device over WiFi.
  2. Alibobar

    Real Cost Of Pandora-Like Mobo

    Oh, and: NO NUBS :o Further: no lcd, no case, keyboard, leds .. etc etc. And: they barely have their alpha boards out. It may take another couple months before we even see the first unit. Still: I'll probably get one for kicks ;)
  3. Alibobar

    Looking For Partners To Finish My Tablet

    I am still waiting on that ultra cheap tablet from india. If it ever comes out an indian friend of mine will buy one for me :P Personally I don't have any particular use for a tablet either. I think they are currently more novelty items than in any way really functional and handy devices. So I...
  4. Alibobar

    T Shirt Idea

    Maybe a T-shirt with "I'm with Pandora" would be better ;) Or maybe even "Got Pandora?" But yeah, nobody would get it :P
  5. Alibobar

    Sd Card On Sale

    Only Class 2? That's a rip-off.
  6. Alibobar

    Nubs. What's The Story?

    I have an n900, but I'm still waiting diligently for my pandora. I think the pandora is much more hackable. Definetly more for the homebrew and a slightly bigger step to the tiny handheld desktop that I really miss on the n900. Regret to see you strugling with the old nub. Don't know if the...
  7. Alibobar

    How Are You Feeling About The Pandora Today?

    Waiting since march 2009 (queue: ~2000).. still patiently .. although it's really getting time for it to arrive :P In the mean time I got an N900 to play with. It's definitely not as cool, but its biggest flaw atm is probably the batterylife. I do hope the Pandora will come early 2011, since...
  8. Alibobar

    So After Watching That Remote Administration Video

    Port 443 is for ssl. ssh uses 22 (by default anyway)
  9. Alibobar

    Pandora Carrying Case

    @ Gruso: please do post a pic! I'd like to see good alternatives for the official case with all these horror-stories going around. Can you post the official case in use as well? :)
  10. Alibobar

    I Hate To Ask This But...

    This week I'll have an n900 \o/ Looking forward to have a phone with linux on it :D Then hopefully in a month or 2 my pandora as well \o/ (I just hope my Masters won't get a blow because of all the hacking I will do :P)
  11. Alibobar

    Where Are The Tv Out Cables ?

    More on the topic on the official boards:
  12. Alibobar

    Angstrom Next even!
  13. Alibobar

    Angstrom Next

    Still quite a lag on the kernel. Common people. The stable is atm :P
  14. Alibobar

    Wishlist For Hf5

    So .. how far is work on the DSP-driver? :P Please no! :o
  15. Alibobar

    Official Start-Up Animation/sound Thread....

    Hmmm, this makes me wonder: do we have KMS yet? I know this would make anything X-related (graphics and controls) available much sooner in the boot-process. Thus creating more time for crazy interactive-animation-stuff.
  16. Alibobar

    Pandora Case

    Hmm, hearing about this tight fit makes me wonder about my order. You think I could ask them not to send it and get a refund?
  17. Alibobar

    Google Talk / Voice + Usb Travel Modem?

    I believe you need a binary from google for this to work. This means they will have to compile this to work on ARM. [Edit: they have some binaries for phones. No idea if this could be hacked for Angstrom: ]
  18. Alibobar

    Wiimote Driver On Pandora?

    ^ define "mouse pointer" If you mean "infrared camera" then yes. This works with libcwiid. now if you want to use this as a mouse-pointer on the pandora .. this will probably need some work (although someone might have coded stuff like this for libcwiid). [Edit: Seems this uses wminput...
  19. Alibobar

    Wiimote Driver On Pandora?

    Shouldn't be hard to get libcwiid and wmgui running on the pandy :)
  20. Alibobar

    Third Batch?

    ^ I'd guess when the 2nd batch has been completely sold and sent to their owners :P Which could be somewhere in 2011, but the team might decide to stop after batch 2 and focus on the next gen Pandora.