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  1. elvissteinjr

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    He's definitely busy preparing for Gamescom if nothing else. Bankrupt sounds kinda unlikely to me. The shop is still going. Pyra as a project has been bleeding money, but that's nothing new.
  2. elvissteinjr

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Digging out my old post with my mpv config again: Not like it's the way of doing it or anything, but this still works for me. Well, main thing is using SDL output driver with GL4es, rest is performance. Actual...
  3. elvissteinjr

    Other odd bugs that could use a bounty.

    Regarding mpv, I posted my personal config... 2 years ago (wow). I haven't touched my Pyra in a good while, less watched videos on it, but I hope it's still kinda working and useful: SDL output with GL4es is...
  4. elvissteinjr

    Gamescom 2022

    I'm late, huh. Was glad to be part of the team again after those two digital-only years. Fun. Here's a selection of the photos I took. Mostly of hall 10.2.
  5. elvissteinjr

    Own a Pyra? Can I get your battery details?

    For what it's worth, my Pandora battery is at 87.47% of design capacity (according to Pandora System Info, no upower on there). Admittedly it didn't see much use in the recent years either, but it's still an 11 year old device with the battery probably a little bit older stock than that as well...
  6. elvissteinjr

    Own a Pyra? Can I get your battery details?

    Hadn't booted up mine in a good while, but seems like the battery hardware can't make up its mind. Here's 3 sample queries: I'll let it charge now and see what happens. The temperature values seem fishy to me too though. I held that thing in my hand shortly before the query. Surely wasn't...
  7. elvissteinjr

    Christmas Update - what happened 2021 and what will happen 2022

    I'll keep my current case for the time being. Maybe when there's some other hardware to swap out alongside at some point. Wouldn't mind paying for the case then, though.
  8. elvissteinjr

    SDL2 with cross compiler

    I believe the repository you're trying to use has long been merged into the mainline SDL repo. At the very least Makefile.pandora has been part of it for the same 3 years. Though I say that as someone who has no experience building SDL2 for Pandora manually. Just wanted to hint at that the...
  9. elvissteinjr

    Just a quick status report video

    I don't believe this applies to the Pyra in the first place (portable computers or laptops are not listed for example), but it's also worth noting this part of the proposal probably excludes the Pyra as it's technically already on the market.
  10. elvissteinjr

    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    Not really a surprise that it happened. The OS image was posted by Valve in the Steamworks forums, so anyone with Steamworks access could download it (been taken down shortly after). Most of the new SteamOS UI will be the new Big Picture interface... well that's pretty much what has been said...
  11. elvissteinjr

    battery only reaches 87%

    I assume this doesn't apply to the standard model? I just charged mine to 100%/4.2V to see if it was just my memory being wrong. Just hope I won't charge mine to 120% in the future then.
  12. elvissteinjr

    Just a quick status report video

    That phone case at 5:06... are you still using a Pro1? If so, what case are you using there? I'm still using a pouch for mine but would rather have something more like a flipcase... if there were any that actually fit. I kinda gave up after my first modification attempt with one. Oh and thanks...
  13. elvissteinjr

    battery only reaches 87%

    I've had my Pyra at 100% before, though I intentionally avoid getting to that point. Unless something changed in the past few months it should be possible to get there at least.
  14. elvissteinjr

    Gamescom 2021 (Digital only)

    I miss the physical Gamescom.
  15. elvissteinjr

    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    So games using Easy Anti Cheat (owned by Epic these days, of all companies) will probably work on launch. Or maybe just Rust if it needs individual dev approval, but better than nothing? One thing that worries on me on that topic either way is if this kind of anti-cheat compatibility will...
  16. elvissteinjr

    Current State of the Pyra

    Anecdotal and not for sure yet I guess, but for someone who got the loud noise stuff way too often I haven't gotten any in about an hour this session so far. I put master volume down a bit (70%), turned headset playback to Off for left and right and put all power modes to low power (I swear...
  17. elvissteinjr

    Current State of the Pyra

    Yeah no, that doesn't work. At least not in the sense of muting it in alsamixer.
  18. elvissteinjr

    Release Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Fellow Pyra historians may disagree. There are earlier recorded signs of the game running on a Pyra in 2018 for example. Jokes aside, it's good to have it packaged up as DBP. Thanks for your efforts.
  19. elvissteinjr

    Valve launching Steam Deck - SteamOS Handheld Console

    Good thing that the Steam Deck is running the new SteamOS 3.0 (yes, three), which is now Arch based and presumably not out of date. On the software end it seems to be a pretty open handheld PC. The Steam components of course aren't open source, but you'll be able to use it like a portable PC...
  20. elvissteinjr

    Texas Instruments ARM 64 boards

    You may as well just disregard the right half as it's not gonna be supported down the line anyways. Maybe the same for the top left part as well actually.