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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Hi, I did email you to ask a week ago, so now I try here: I did pre order but I am not sure what the status is... I am still happily using my Pandora daily but the Pyra would be great. Could you check for me?
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    Planet Computers : Gemini - Psion Returns

    Linux demo on this thing tempted to get a whole batch of these things now.
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    GPD Pocket

    Mine arrived as well; it's a great machine. Like you (ZXDunny) said; the build quality *on the outside* is wonderful. Excellent screen, great keyboard and very very robust body. Ubuntu (didn't try Windows, why would anyone? :), after some tweaks, runs perfectly. I want my Pyra because the...
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    Money makes the world go round.

    Like said with the Pandora which I already have a hard time living without but was late to the game to, that, once done and for sale, it will be easy to sell to the world. Many of my friends my friends, in Europe and China, want this device, but they do not, because of many scams and failures...
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    Broken/loose digitizer cable

    And that happened all of a sudden? I will try that. Maybe you both are right... It just happened so suddenly while I was working on it and I definitely did not touch the lid, but maybe it slipped a nanometer. After messing around with the screen casing the digitiser indeed started working...
  6. J

    Broken/loose digitizer cable

    Well; the bezel does not seem to be popped out and I resetted a 100 times (also because I cannot get out of the calibration tool if the input is not working; I tried pressing all buttons and I didn't have anything else that can do ssh at that moment). It seems that when the digitizer does work...
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    Broken/loose digitizer cable

    After years of solid use, last night my Pandora started to act erratic to input. Touching the screen would make the arrow jump all over the place. I rebooted and had the same behavior. I calibrated the touchscreen and that makes the input not work at all when done. And sometimes, I cannot get...
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    Android 4.4/5.0 OOB?

    This was in the news a lot the past 24 hrs; Seems we will have something that works as people keep wanting this kind of solution.
  9. J

    Modularity and memory

    I was just asking the question, but yes, the current version will keep me happy for years. I am not complaining about that and I ordered and will order a spare as well and I am recommending to my friends. Just saying, it could be less niche (aka more sales) with a bit higher specs as 'more...
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    Modularity and memory

    I put 'competition' between '' as I do not consider it competition but many people will; runs Linux, looks nice, long battery. Not all that interesting for gaming but I myself do not care about that mostly either. I use UMPCs for coding on the road.
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    Modularity and memory

    I was talking about the newly announced and funded gpd pocket which runs Ubuntu or Win. And while I appreciate the 'you do not need 8gb' comments I would say: that is not for you to say. I rather have a 4gb ramdisk and 4gb mem than not a 4gb ramdisk. Also, as someone who works almost fulltime...
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    Modularity and memory

    As memory is getting cheaper fast and 2-4gb is on the low side of things (the 'competition' launching this year ships with 8gb) and the Pyra touting modularity, what are the chances of getting 8gb this year? I would pay substantially for that option.
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    Android 4.4/5.0 OOB?

    There is this one; and there is another one which I could not find fast enough.
  14. J

    Android 4.4/5.0 OOB?

    As there are at least two projects for running Android apps under Linux (if arch supported which it is); will any of those work?
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    4GB and 1,5GHz? Confirmed.

    I think waiting for quality is excellent; we cannot expect any of this coming from a knock off factory: I got the gpd windows thing and the Mipad 2. Both are okish but still do not hold a candle to the Pandora. Sure that is mostly software and ARM (battery life) but to me it shows how far 'the...
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    Besides gaming, what do you use your pandora for?

    I write most my code on it. Together with a modern tablet and 4g phone it is great. The Pyra will do away with the need for the table and the phone. But for most things I do (embedded, mobile and web), the Pandora is good for 70% of the work. 10% Android for the browser, 10% full Ubuntu, 10% Mac...
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    Sorry to bump this thread but just got my first device with USB C and it is such an improvement. On a physical and utility level. Too late in the game for the first version but how about for the Pyra v2? It is worth it IMHO.
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    News from the meeting at GC

    I would highly doubt this kind of machine is interesting anywhere outside a niche of emulation gamers / devs. If it did then Sharp or Sony (who did umpcs in the past) would definitely jump in, but it never went anywhere for the simple reason that people want the thinnest, lightest phones in the...
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    A second, and even more important improvement which the community could do (and I will have to...

    A second, and even more important improvement which the community could do (and I will have to try myself on the second one I buy) is adding a second battery in the case, large enough to power for a few minutes, so you can hotswap the battery.
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    The only improvement I can think of is a case improvement on the Pyra (which could be done with...

    The only improvement I can think of is a case improvement on the Pyra (which could be done with the same hardware anyway, so people can try that at home); make the screen rotate so it turns into a phone/tablet, like the Zaurus (which, on top, is the best design I have seen while on the bottom...