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    Recommendations For A Retro Netbook

    Hi guys   I'd like to buy an inexpensive netbook to have as a dedicated emulation machine. I like the look of the Puppy Arcade Linux distro, and would like to get a nice clean system set up to break out for regular gaming sessions.   My original thoughts for a machine were all a bit Ben Heck...
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    Flash Cart For Original Gameboy

    Hi guys I know there are a lot of flash carts around for the Gameboy Advance / NDS etc, but I was wondering if there is a similar thing for the original monochrome Gameboy (or GBC)? I don't want to use it for anything illegal, I simply want to take my extensive GB collection on a holiday with...
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    Pandora Reluctantly For Sale

    Now sold.
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    So, where are you guys in the UK buying this from? $120 here: Does anyone know anything about this store? Would far rather get it within the UK if that's possible to save on shipping and possible...
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    Pandora Reluctantly For Sale

    OK, it's on eBay, so here's the link for anyone who is interested. I'm happy to answer questions in this thread or on the auction page... ®
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    Pandora Reluctantly For Sale

    I was keen to give you guys first look, but if there's no interest, I'll be putting it on eBay this week. I'll post back with the link. ®
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    Pandora Reluctantly For Sale

    Hi guys I've reluctantly decided I need to sell my Pandora, as I really need the money after the expense of Christmas. It's a first edition machine in excellent condition, having not been used very much since purchase, and kept...
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    Dosbox Game Test

    I'd be very appreciative of anyone who could get Colonization, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Lemmings or Populous running on this. All my attempts so far have failed... ®
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    Selling On Ebay: Gp32 Blu, Gp2X F100 & Wiz Sticker Set.

    Hey R.B. There are 4 SMC cards included with the GP32, they're all 128Mb, which I think is the largest capacity available. You'll have to check the eBay auctions to see the current price... ®
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    Selling On Ebay: Gp32 Blu, Gp2X F100 & Wiz Sticker Set.

    Thanks for the question, I've answered it on eBay too. I can post to the USA but I have no idea how much it will cost until I take the package to the post office to send. I suggest any international bidder could pay £10 to easily cover any postage and then once I have sent the item I will...
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    Selling On Ebay: Gp32 Blu, Gp2X F100 & Wiz Sticker Set.

    Hi guys I'm selling my GP32 (blub), GP2X and a Wiz sticker set on eBay if anyone is interested. It would be lovely if they found a home among my fellow GP32Xers... GP32: GP32 BLU & 4 128Mb SMC Cards GP2X: GP2X F100 & Carry Case Wiz Stickers: GP2X Wiz sticker set It's all in...
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    Dosbox For Dummies

    OK, I've tried everything, I've read all these instructions very carefully and followed them to the letter. I've tried my own DOS games which work fine on my machine, I've tried the config packs suggested. Nothing I try works, no matter what do, the .gpe leads to a black screen with a loading...
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    Dosbox For Dummies

    Thanks for the detailed info, that's much appreciated! I'll give it a whirl and let you know how I get on. ®
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    Dosbox For Dummies

    Hi guys Sorry for posting this question, but I've searched around a and bumbled through a bit of trial and error, and I'm still not able to get Dosbox to run on my Wiz. After using Dosbox on many othe rplatforms, I had high hopes for playing some of my old PC stuff on the Wiz, but I have...
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    How Do I Run Flash Swf Files On The Wiz?

    Is there a way to map keys to the Wiz's buttons? There look like some basic options in the settings menu but I need to use the Shift key which isn't listed... ®
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    Gamepark Best Idea Ever!

    You mentioned the Wii, perhaps look into that, as I have the Homebrew Channel installed on my Wii and can play various retro games on emulators through my TV from the SD Card with the Wii remote. It's pretty much exactly what you're looking for... ...just Google into homebrew on the Wii, as far...
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    Installing Dingux On A Mac

    I use Finder Cleaner to get rid of those extra hidden files: Just drop your drive over the FC icon instead of the eject one in the Dock and it cleans it up and ejects it at the same time. Hope this helps... ®
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    Map Mouse Double-Clik To A Gaming Button

    Is it possible to map the mouse 'double-click' or even the 'Execute' command to one of the Pandora's gaming buttons? At the moment, double clicking to run apps with the stylus is flaky, often it doesn't register, or a frustrated attempt launches the app more then once. If there's a bit of...
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    Mount Pandora On Mac Osx Desktop

    Hi guys Is there a way, via USB or wifi, to mount the Pandora and it's SD cards etc on the Mac OSX desktop? At the moment I don't have a SDHC card reader, so I'm transferring files to and fro using a USB memory stick. It would be much easier to have a direct link between my laptop and the...
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    Pandora Owners: Any Other Hardware Issues?

    My Pandora has the screen bezel issue where the case comes away from the screen slightly at the bottom centre of the screen. I can push it back but it doesn't stay stuck for long before it starts to come away again. At the moment it is slight, but I worry it is going to get worse. Is there...