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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Good to know it! Didn't notice it myself... Thanks!
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I remember the old "preorder number thread" which was fun to watch back in the days. How about a new "final order e-mail" thread?
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    You are still good - I have recollection of 113 or so, but weirdly the PCB says 133. Also was following the forum for many months very diligently, and missed the week of the pre-preorder!
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    Just a quick heads up

    Is there a way to check the preorder number? Can you estimate how many are expected to ship within the rest of this year?
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    man, i love MTG...
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    Evercade - buy your retro games on carts for this thing

    Almost bough the console today basicaly to play Chips Challenge, but then checked screen resolution and decided not too...
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    Odroid-Go Advance

    I'd say the controls (mostly concerned with d-pad) of this are rather good actually. Much better than pocketgo in my experience. Fast processor, big battery and hopefully long time support from hardkernel makes it a really nice IMO. Downsides are relative big size, very much open case hence...
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    Miss the GCW Zero? The RetroGame RG350 is the modern equivalent

    Thanks for the feedback. Very valuable one. Saves me a purchase. Yeah. Preordered that one. I wonder how good would be the controls...
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    Evercade - buy your retro games on carts for this thing

    I am wondering why he didn't say much about the quality of the controls. Especially the d-pad...
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    what game is that?
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    Wouldn't it be better to have the d-pad outside just like Pyra? Also a real d-pad would be better than PSP style buttons IMO.
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    I am somewhat angry since I lost a bet that Pyra would start shipping in 2019. Had to give away a new sealed AGS-101, and didn't get to get a sealed micro. Besides it is the second time I lose that particular bet with the very same person. Think the last time was in 2017 (or was it 2016?). I...
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    Odroid-Go Advance

    320x480 resolution is really nice! Makes integer number scaling of the GBA and Lynx resolutions possible. Now if the key and d-pad are really good that'd be my favored emu console. Hard to get Nintendo level of quality on those. So far only Pandora managed that.
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    early bird price for pocketgo 2

    My fear is with crappy controls again. Very hard to pick some emulation handheld with a good ones...
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    Latest update: Keymats are here, how strong will the logo plate be - and pretty cases.

    I really didn't care about the cases/paint much but those mate painted cases look really gorgeous! Also I believe the current logo plate solution is a good compromise ATM. I try to follow the progress but I am not sure what is the status of the case revisions/production/shipment. ED, can you...
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    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    Another summary of the state update (or a video) would be nice!
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    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    This completely matches my view too! I have a friend who waited to see it produced before ordering it, so I guess he is not alone and lot of new order will come once once Pyra starts shipping.
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    2 Months™ and Communism Banter (Split from Springs are brilliant! )

    Then again one can move to a semi-communist state of China, so no reason to complain either. Grew up in two countries with a very different type of communism, don't miss those days a bit. Not that capitalism is without its flaws, but they pale compared to all tried alternatives.
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    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Thanks a lot for the update Wally and for the additional comments ED! I really appreciate transparency an keeping the community in the loop.
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    Just testing the water....

    I'm the next in the queue. Never had one of those...