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    GP2X I Had A Few Crazy Ideas Because I Was Bored.

    You can't decompile code, if you could then we could view the source of everything and the world wouldn't suck.
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    Emulate Gp2x On A Windows Pc?

    i really hope that a gp2x emulator comes out. i could finally emulate (excuse me, provide a compatibility layer of) windows with wine, use that to emulate the gp2x, and use that to emulate playstation, and use that to emulate the NES! for shits and giggles of course.
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    i have been playing pang, supertux (beat it), and conny the carrot (i hav probably beaten it 30+ times). i play super mario war on my linux pc so i will probably install that on my gp2x soon. as far as emulation, i just play super mario world.
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    Help Add Features To My Next Game

    this game looks very nice! i was thinking and got a few ideas. 1. one of the "special objects" could be a sort of "gravity mode" where the tail of the snake is constantly pulled to one of the sides and the player has to move against it (or with it). it could be a good thing or a bad thing...
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    Which Joystick/case/firmware

    shut up and search, wipe your own ass for a change! noob
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    Gp2x As A Portable Hackers Tool.

    that was so cheesy, and i absolutely loved it! all we need to do is find atm machines with usb ports, we can hack them like john connor!
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    Blood lock this
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    Music In Homebrew Games

    i searched the forum and was very surprised to see no posts about splice music. it is a lot of free music/sound effects and looks like exactly what a lot of devs have been looking for. all the sounds/songs are under the creative commons license so you just need to put a name in the credits and...
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    so this x server runs a window manager and programs natively on the gp2x? thats pretty cool. when you are using x11, is there a way for the tv-out to have a higher resolution than 320x240? this looks like it will have a lot more potential when the bob is released. i would love to see dillo...
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    I Got Gpsp (gba) Running With Sound!

    yes the gp2x community can't be anti-psp if it wants to grow. we must acknowledge that this emulator has its roots in the psp and that it was adopted. i thin there is much more the psp community can offer too. would a slight mention of the psp be such a bad thing?
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    Is A Dodgey Online Store?

    i want to start a fund to pay epicenter back for the gp2x he broke, so that maybe he will leave. anyone interested in donating?
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    Widescreens On Handhelds

    the gp2x should appeal to the majority of the community it has. when it comes to the gp2x community, you are the minority. what would be good about appealing to people that desire the same things you do? there are other portables out there, check those out. and lets not get rude, caps lock...
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    Is Gp2x A Portable Media Device?

    Where is the happiness? The GP2X isn't perfect, but you gotta make due with what you got! :) GPH made some many mistakes (what were they thinking?!?), but at least they made something. And hell, who doesn't like a media player? All i am saying is when you look at other nerd groups, they just...
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    Widescreens On Handhelds

    this post wasn't about the gp3x, just screens. IIRC, craigix said that the earliest we would see a new version is 2008, and that would be early, and is definitely not a scheduled date. back to screens, i agree with DaveC. more important than resolution is quality, to me at least. i am happy...
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    New Usa Gp2x Shop -

    i ordered my gp2x from and i am very pleased. the shipping was very fast and the $3 sd card reader was a nice little bonus. i will probably be back to order those sexy batteries and a couple replacement screen covers.
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    Wikipedia For Gp2x?

    i am absolutely a wikipedia junkie! i think it would be best to start with xreader, instead of starting from scratch. i am a horrible beginner programmer, but i would love to beta-test the hell out of it. i was just thinking yesterday that this needs to be done.
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    Video Out To A Monitor?

    that is a VGA to rca/s-video adapter, not an S-video/rca to VGA adapter. there is a difference. essentailly, what you ordered puts together all of the separate signals in a very basic fashion. i believe what is needed is a chroma decoder, something that will take apart the signals. that is...
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    Gp2x Australia Community

    that defeats the purpose of the internet. geography sucks, and is irrelevant.
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    Ti-99 Roms?

    i have a TI-99/4A and i cant believe how terrible the controls are, why cant TI map out good keys. anyways, i never knew that you could play old TI games on the gp2x, i love it even more now. dont ask for roms, that is a bad idea.
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    Can The Gp2x Replace Mt Ipod?

    i would never spend money on a media player with microsofts MTP (playforsure) or apples fairplay or sony whatever. if you spend money on players like that then your telling companies that it is ok to control your music. As for an ipod alternative, i like the gmini 400/402. the gmini 402 has...