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    Sound Problem

    I just got a GP2X F200, and everything's good except one small problem: the sound is incredibly loud and doesn't respond to the volume control. It ignores headphones, and this is across the board (ie, all programs). Any idea of how to quiet this thing? [edit] Solution found! I flashed it...
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    Silly Question About Prboom

    I just got PrBoom working this afternoon. B) Now I'm curious: how does one enter cheat codes on the Wiz port? There's no keyboard that I know of...
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    Ini Files

    D'oh! I see it now. I was ignoring it since I don't have an SD card. :rolleyes:
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    Ini Files

    I must be old-fashioned; that never seemed like a problem to me. What's the difference between the "Built in games menu" and this "Wiz Games Menu"? I don't see the later on my Wiz, and we're obviously talking about the same files.
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    Ini Files

    Those ini files are used by the "Built In Games" menu. You can ignore them. The scripts that actually launch your game are the .gpe files (although the gpe file might be the binary for the game itself).
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    Did You Get Your Retail Wiz? Post About It Here!

    Mine arrived just the other day. At first I had a little trouble with some games, but I'm slowly getting it figured out. I picked it up off Think Geek because I want to play some unique and fun homebrew games (notably Super Tux, CartoonWiz and Animatch) on the go. I'm also going to see about...
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    Things We'd Like To See

    Poking around on OpenHandheld's file archive I see several Linux games that have been ported to the GP2X that I'd like to see for the Wiz. I figure a quick post here is the best way to get them some attention and spur the development of Wiz ports. :lol: Here's my short list: Blobwars: Metal...