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  1. MrJustreborn

    What Do You See?

    1, but with a green/yellow apple
  2. MrJustreborn

    Exagear is dead

    Maybe WINE-Hangover could be a good replacement:
  3. MrJustreborn

    Exagear is dead

    Maybe or they just don't make enough money from it. - It's pretty niche market for this kind of software.
  4. MrJustreborn

    Exagear is dead

    Instead of abandon it, they could opensource it... :|
  5. MrJustreborn


    I would like to have a 10" PyraTablet - Plug in a monitor and the tablet becomes the keyboard/trackpad.
  6. MrJustreborn

    Can someone render one of my Blender videos for me? ;)
  7. MrJustreborn

    GPD Pocket 2 Announced

    Mini DisplayPort is pretty much dead (german article)
  8. MrJustreborn

    New Atari Console Coming (Ataribox)?

    It's basically a PC with Ubuntu preinstalled...
  9. MrJustreborn

    New Atari Console Coming (Ataribox)?

    It could make a nice SteamMachine.
  10. MrJustreborn

    New Atari Console Coming (Ataribox)?

    And it's live:
  11. MrJustreborn

    "Smach Z is Back!" ...?

    The new AMD Ryzen V1000 for the SmachZ source
  12. MrJustreborn

    Android / andox

    I searched "andox" with zero results, but it's "anbox" - my fault for this typo :oops:
  13. MrJustreborn

    Android / andox

    Hi, I just found the andox-project. Any ideas if this could run on the Pyra to get some Android Apps/Games running? (Of course google-services and play-store are missing)
  14. MrJustreborn

    Getting closer...

    How much will they cost? - I need a housing for my Pre-Preorder PCB! :D
  15. MrJustreborn

    It could be we're there!

    Maybe get in touch with Fairphone?
  16. MrJustreborn

    Open source game engines suited for the Pyra?

    I think Godot is one of the best OpenSource Engines, and it has a port for the Pandora.
  17. MrJustreborn

    Nokia N1

    How about this one: Jolla Tablet
  18. MrJustreborn

    2. Screen for DJing?

    Thanks, but those are either small (7" or small resulotion) or the 14" are USB-Display with no VGA/HDMI/etc input I don't know if the Pyra could drive a USB-display (like this) and still have enough CPU for Mixxx+QLC but it seems it can be difficult to use a USB-Display with (like this...
  19. MrJustreborn

    2. Screen for DJing?

    I didn't know that mixxx runs already, that's nice! Have you some expample, all mobile screens I found were these USB-only screen. I'm a student therefore price matters  :P