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    GP32 Qemu For Gp2x... Plz Help Me

    Hello, as the title says, I would like to port QEmu 0.8.1 fot GP2X. The Homepage says that it supports ARM Architecture as host, so this is not a Problem. I tried with this DevKit (,0,0,0,14,1362). My first problem was the SDL, because ./configure in...
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    Wifi/wlan Connection Works Very Well

    Today I managed to open the GP2X Webserver and Ping my GP2X which was lying 15 meters away from my PC, with the help of a Wireless LAN connection. ;-) I'll explain you how I did this. You'll need firmware 2.0.0, because it has network support included. I the CROSS-compiled the Linux app...
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    Corn N64 Emulator Mystery

    Already asked for this in craig's Post about finding Derek. I start this because I want to know if anybody else can find out more than I was able to. ContraSF was the main coder of the legendary N64 Emulator "Corn", which was able to run some N64 games @ Fullspeed on a 166 MHz machine. So this...
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    Scecial Question For Ingeras And Other Coders

    Just one small question. AFAIK GP2X just has USB Host. Could it be possible to add missing host functions (Device detcting, configuring...) to the USB Slave by driver? Data Transfer itself is not prob, Slave is bidirectional, too? EDIT: Sorry for errors. "S>P<ecial Question For Ingeras And...
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    Two Interesting Ideas For Gp2x, Would This Work?

    As you know GP2X has TV out. Now my idea. If the first working SNES Emu is out, would it be possible to add a second or even more Controllers on the EXT Port of the GP2X. Some tests with the GP32 were already made and it exists a Linux driver for SNES Controllers as far as I know and it supports...
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    Need Help With Volt Mod

    As already said, I want to Volt Mod my GP32 BLU. Up to now I can Clock to 166 Mhz stable and 168 "stable" (= crashes sometimes). I bougt it from and already found out, that it is already modded a bit. Normal GP32: R52=200k R48=470k 1,25*((R52+R48)/R48)=1,782V My GP32: R52=300k...
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    Today I managed to install an USB LAN Card on my GP. But how can I communicate with my PC (IP???) AND how can I set it up as a server on NET?