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  1. dimag0g

    GPD Win - issue with DPAD controls

    I'm experiencing the same issue as described here: left shoulder button stops working in mouse mode when DPAD is used. The advice given in the thread is to switch to either Joystick mode (called Dinput in the manual) or X-Box control mode (Xinput), but I couldn't get these modes to work...
  2. dimag0g

    GPD Win crashes

    Hello, I have recently bought a GPD Win (Z8750) from ED, and it is very unstable . Surprisingly games run perfectly well for me, I can play Fallout 3 and Torchlight for hours, but 2D GUI crashes regularly. Two ways to reproduce the crash are: - open a long webpage in Firefox and keep scrolling...
  3. dimag0g

    Will there be any anti-theft protection in Pyra?

    As the price of the device we're (hopefully) going to get soon is quite high, I'd like to discuss anti thief protection. I know that development is limited in resources and time, but an effective protection is impossible without low-level support. The basic protection as I see it is to assign a...
  4. dimag0g

    How secure is Pandora's root password?

    Hello all, I'm using my Pandora as a server to share family photos and the like. I also have an SSH access to it in case I need to access personal files or do remote maintenance. Of course, from day one there are lots of "hackers" from around the world who try to login to my SSH server as...
  5. dimag0g

    Release Write-protect your SD card

    While looking for low-level SD software, I have found this program called sdtool, I want to share. The binary version for R-Pi works on the Pandora as well. You can use it to enable temporary write protection on your card: sudo umount /dev/mmcblk0p* sudo sdtool /dev/mmcblk0 lock sudo sdtool...
  6. dimag0g

    CC Pandora limits WIFI speed if lid closed

    Hello, I was transferring a big file from a CC Pandora to a GHz Pandora over WIFI. Since the transfer was taking much longer than expected, I decided to investigate the cause of the slowdown, and  was surprised to find that it was CC unit's lid which was affecting the transfer. Below are the...
  7. dimag0g

    How to disable USB power via EN_USB_5V

    I want to connect an external hard drive to my Pandora and fetch files from this drive remotely. It seems wasteful to leave it spin all the time though, so I wish to disable the power on USB_HOST_5V line via EN_USB_5V pin (GPIO_164). Is it possible to do it in software? Will it be possible to...
  8. dimag0g

    Puzzling pandora crash

    Today my Pandora managed to get into state where boot process never completes. The progress bar on the boot screen just stops at some point and won't go further no matter how long you wait or how many times you reboot. It happened to me second time this time, so I took a bit of time to...
  9. dimag0g

    Pandora screen suddenly changed brightness/contrast

    Hello, 10 minutes ago I have connected my pandora to the charger, which made it crash (never happened to me before). Upon restart (I had to pull the battery out to switch it off), my screen became much darker than before. I somehow compensated this by setting the LCD gamma to the max, which...
  10. dimag0g

    Release Robocode - a programming tank combat game

    Hi there, I have packaged robocode game this weekend. The idea is to program a battle tank in Java using this API, and make it fight against other robots. There is a limited amount of time and power your robot can spend on actions like moving, firing or scanning the battlefield with the radar...
  11. dimag0g

    Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition - flash sales

    Did anybody get one of these yet? Getting Quad Core Cortex A7 right now is tempting, but no keyboard, no precise mouse input... That makes me sad
  12. dimag0g

    Mass storage driver stopped working

    Dear all, I have a problem: my Pandora doesn't work as USB mass storage anymore. Whenever I choose an SD card to share and connect Pandora as a slave, nothing happens on either end. Here's my lsmod output before I share: (dmesg log of boot process: dmesg_before.gz) and after: (dmesg log...
  13. dimag0g

    UBB (Universal Breakout Board) - possible Pandora uses

    I have just discovered this UBB thing and I wanted to ask a few questions: - has anyone got one? or attempted any hardware projects with it? - apart from SDIO driver (available on Pandora), you can drive UBB with user-space software, right? - any ideas of useful mods what could be...
  14. dimag0g

    [SOLVED] Mounting decrypted truecrypt volumes as mass storage

    Usually when you need to access truecrypt volume on a computer, you connect the removable media to it, install TrueCrypt, and mount the volume. But in some cases it might be impossible: - truecrypt volume is on an SD card and the computer doesn't have a card reader - you don't have...
  15. dimag0g

    Release netPanzer

    Hi there, I have recently ported netPanzer and pushed it to the repo. The game is packaged with all extra maps and player flags I have found (I even made a Pandora flag, make sure you use it in your online battles :) . You can add more extras by putting files in  relevant appdata locations...
  16. dimag0g

    Need help with aufs

    Hello all, I'm having strange failures when creating files inside /mnt/utmp. Maybe someone has a clue? Here's the log: ~$ cd /mnt/utmp/pnd/usr/lib/opkg/info ~/usr/lib/opkg/info$ touch aa touch: cannot touch 'aa': Input/output error ~/usr/lib/opkg/info$ sudo dmesg -c [33061.744476] aufs...
  17. dimag0g

    Community - Member map not working (impossible to add location)

    I was trying to locate pandora owners around me, and discovered I could not add myself on the map. Regardless of the browser, OS, and the address string I enter, adding my location always fails and suggests to try again later. Addresses I tried: Strasbourg Strasbourg, France 48.57397,7.75096...
  18. dimag0g

    Snowman decompilation tool

    Does anybody follow this project? I wish someone in close touch with the subject could comment. Are we expecting more Starcraft-style ports with this?
  19. dimag0g

    [solved] Shortcuts to SD card mounts not working in file dialogs

    Does this screenshot look familiar? In case it does, here's a script I've made which resolves the issue. There's no magic, it just creates a missing script (gnome-mount) which is not needed on Pandora, but sometimes common file dialogs (open/save) refuse to work if this script is missing.
  20. dimag0g

    C/C++ Development tools v2

    Hello all,   This is a thread about the current developments in cdevtools package (aka cdevtools v2). The package is now distributed as an update to the origial cdevtools package released by freamon. The thread about the older versions of the package is here.   The killer feature of...