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  1. jparish1977

    Looking to buy.... something

    Mostly i lurk. Today I'm hunting. I collect old computers and video games and hobbies of various sorts. I wonder if anyone here has anything interesting they're looking to offload? I cant really say exactly what I'm after, but im certain it could be categorized as "electronic oddity" Sent from...
  2. jparish1977

    Amusing myself

    So I've been working on a silly fractal generator for a minute. With all this being cooped up I've managed to make it publicly accessible. Its buggy but if you're bored give it a poke. Http:// it's all client side javascript and mileage may vary... but I think it's fun:) Sent from...
  3. jparish1977

    Gba micro trouble

    So I have a gba micro that won't do a derned thing. The light flash once as it is plugged in, then nada. I replaced the battery, lights showed it was charging, but wouldn't turn on. Left it charging over night, now I'm back to where I started, only with a new battery. Did I get a bad battery...
  4. jparish1977

    Mandelbulber port?

    Does this look like something where a port would be feasible? I'd be tempted to try it myself, but I'd have to learn about a billion things along the way, so it'd be nice to know about any show stoppers before attempting the journey.