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    Usb Ide Interface

    goto or and enter the quick find code 43759 it comes with its own power supply for hdd/cd/dvd ( probably need USb power for adapter as well) Gp32 with a 10 GIG HDD and CDRW would be cool :D Also I sold my GP32 so this will probably be that last message I post unless Gamepark...
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    Sony Vaio

    dose anyone know what the lowest spec the sony vaio avalible Is ? Edit:just need an Idea because im going to look at one and have not been given much detail and also thinking about price range
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    Network Problems

    this is more support related but I think theres a good chance I will get a better response than the other support forum I tryed My connection occasionally drops and if running something like Bittorent or emule / bf1942 online my Pc locks up and requires a reset I made the problem a little...
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    Windows 98se

    I was just wondering dose anyone still use Win98se online ? and on a new pc ? has microsoft stopped supporting it ? Someone said that they would not trust 9x series online anymore especialy because it dosnt have any user accounts / passwords but I would have though it would be better because...
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    Flu Worth ?

    I was thinking about selling my gp32 FLU and possibly getting a BLU I was wondering how much a FLU is worth in GBP (£) its several months old in Mint condition and overclocks 172 mhz in the 3d tunnel prog also including 128mb SMC Thanks (not selling yet just wondering)
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    Windows Xp

    Would it be worth buying XP home (retail) second hand quite cheap from a friend or would it be best getting it new OEM ? (I would also have to buy some hardware with it) The second hand one has already been actvated but is it posible to reactivate it for my PC on the ms call up thing ? Hows...
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    Ram Mod Idea

    I got this idea mainly from the old amiga hardware mods and the cobbleware ram mod. To make ram upgrades accessible to less skilled persons or people not wanting to destory there gp32 make a plug and play version This would involve using a small board with a socket that sits on top of the...
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    Doom3 Thoughts

    After completing it on marine mode I come to a few conclusions about doom3 Its only scary because... *At the start you dont get much ammo *Shit is always jumping out or teleporting in behind you as you go along *Its realy dark and the doom guy dosnt know how to hold a gun and a torch at the...
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    Scart Connection

    I got a s-video to scart cable for connecting my PC to my VCR/TV but after testing it I found that the cable is other way round (will take a picture from my vcr scart and send it to s-video) best I can see is its wired as follows .. **21 pin Euro scart connector** 19 VIDEO/Sync/Luminance...
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    Gp32 Mug

    Not realy big news but If you preorderd a Mug fom Lik-sang you will probably be getting it soon I just receved the Confirmation email from them telling me my Mug has been shipped :D
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    Smc Question

    how easy is it for smc to get bad blocks ? I have had my card for several weeks and recently needed to format it I formated it with pacrom and it reported 1 bad block :( Could this report be faulse ? (I hope it is) Is there any way to find out if it realy dose have a bad block on my card...
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    Quick Simple Mod

    just a quick one .. This mod will do nothing more than let you use gp:\gpmm\doom for storage open up GPdoom.fxe (v9) in a hex editor (i like hexworkshop best) Edit>goto> offset 000712B9 and change 67616D65 to 67706D6D Edit>goto> offset 00071311 and change 67616D65 to 67706D6D (with offset make...
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    Gp32 Linux

    anyone think it would be a good idea to have a gp32Linux section ? maybe not as much now but when the project starts to become more popular :)
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    It would be nice for someone to take over the Gp32 Quake port... Abandond / source avalible Dose anyone think Quake would be playable on gp32_console with optimisations ?? Also what about Duke3d ? (source avalible on 3d realms website)
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    Messed Up Screen

    I just got the free Gp cinema I uploaded it with PC Link but the screen is all messed up, I cant see the Mhz display or select any file, the middle seperator bar looks bad I tested it on GeePee32 and it worked fine ? I went back to the offical GP cinema site and it said something like GP cinema...