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    Special Characters in Password

    That's probably a good idea, but when I try to register, I get Fatal error: Uncaught Error of type [Swift_FileException] with message [Disk Caching failed. Tried to write to file at [/srv/www/vhosts/] but...
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    Special Characters in Password

    I realize having a strong password won't do much, but it is convenient if I can use the same password as on my other linux boxes so I don't get confused when running sudo commands. It's a bit odd that the login screen doesn't accept certain characters. Of course my password works fine once...
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    Special Characters in Password

    The second option worked for me - using an external keyboard. However, this isn't a permanent fix so I'm currently auto-logging in (I know I could change my password, but I'd rather not). If flashing to a newer version offers a permanent fix, I definitely will.
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    Special Characters in Password

    Hi All, I just got my pandora and am super excited to use it. The problem is, I can't login. On the initial setup, I used a password containing a special character (fn+letter) and it worked just fine. However, on the login screen, this character will not work. fn+letter does nothing. I've...
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    Pandora People Map

    It seems to be working and now you have multiple pins.
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    No, Kazehakase is not based on KHTML, it's Gecko or WebKit. Wikipedia Kazehakase For a few years I've been using Kazehakase whenever I need a lightweight browser but don't want to/can't go text based. It is fantastic for being simplistic and easy to use. I've never really liked Midori, but that...
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    Could Rdesktop Be Ported (remote Access To Windows Pc)

    According to Wikipedia RDP uses 128-bit encryption.