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    Usb Smc Reader For 99p Scroll to the bottom of the page. When in the checkout choose super saver for delivery. Then it only costs 99p. Enjoy
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    Limit The Filesize Of Avatars

    It's hard to browse this forum on 56k when somebody has a 100kb animated avatar of something totally unnecessary. While only a few abuse the avatar service this way, it shouldnt be allowed. Love and hugs, - Klown
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    Help Me Find The Name Of This Snes Game.

    I have a vague recollection of a snes game which was a wild west zelda like game. Does anybody know the name of this or am i just going insane again? Thanks.
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    List Your Consoles.

    As I just took some photos of my stuff, I thought it might be interesting to see what consoles we all have here: I currently have: My Nes, Snes, N64 and Virtual boy, gameboy and Gameboy Colour. My lovely Mega drive, master system and game gear. The rest of them including my GP32 (omg love...
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    Allow php sigs

    I have a signiture which is a random image (all uniform) selector but it requires the extention of .php in IMG tags. It would be rather lovely if you would activate it ;-)
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    Windups wont work :|

    I haven't flashed me firmware yet but i want to so i test out windups and i've found i cant load anything from it. Is this normal or is mah gp32 all messed up. EDIT: Also i reinstalled it twice
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    Best home entertainment system price ever

    I got me a sexy entertainment center with equaliser, tape, radio and deck which can play both sides of an LP for only £14 from an OXFAM shop. It also came with two old speakers which are pretty good too... yes. Oh and i got Mr t the cartoon for £2
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    Wahay i gots me some good stuff from a boot fair.

    I got a Megadrive with 15 games and 2 controllers for £30. The only downside is NO SONIC! But that can be solved fast ;)
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    What complete romsets do you have

    I have (all roms): Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari Lynx Atari Jaguar Atari st BGE Vetrex Colecovision Commodore 64 Game Gear Gba Gbx Mame .71 N64 Neogeo Neogeo pocket NES Pc engine Sega Genesis Sega Master system (with sg1000 etc) Sinclair spectrum Snes Virtual Boy --- Levels out to...
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    Organising freelancher.

    I'm getting slightely annoyed at the way when i put a new program on my gp it appears randomly on freelancher. Is there any way i can organise my freelancher?
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    Recommended atari 5200 + 800 roms

    Yeah i just got the 800 emulator and i have a large amount of 5200 roms. Which should i put on? - Klown
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    Whats on YOUR smc?

    I currently have on my 128mb smc: Moviepark: 1 episode south park 1 episode family guy Mp3: 1 mp3 (as a tester ;)) Emulators: Little John and 50 odd roms Castaway and 20 odd roms GpvsGb and 10 odd roms FSms32 and 20 odd roms Gpengine and 20 odd roms Frodo with loads of games Atari 800 emu...