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  1. Lao Rebel

    Pandora battery

    just wondering can i use the battery that came with my Pandora for Pyra? if i can that would be nice since i don't want waste a good battery
  2. Lao Rebel

    fallout 1&2

    i'm interested in emulating fallout 1 & 2 on Pandora i been waiting for those games to be brought to pandora. is anyone working on this? b/c i would love to have these two classic pc games playable on Pandora.
  3. Lao Rebel

    Galactic Artifact

    i just discovered a game that i think is my type of game, Galactic Artifact. the problem is there is no documentation!! i can't figure out how to control the game. i can figure out how to play it but i need to understand the controls first. can someone help me out??
  4. Lao Rebel


    i am having problems setting up my N64 emulator. none of my games are playable. all games are just too slow. everytime i go into config it freezes. i heard that this emulator is not perfect. if anyone can give me some pointers i appreciate it. it is possible to get some of N64 games to run...
  5. Lao Rebel

    got X-COM problem...again

    i finally got music in xcom to work w/the help of all you people in this section. but now i have another problem in xcom. when i am in the battlescape, landed my soldiers to kick some alien asses, the screen goes black!! this happens when i moved my first soldier out of the skyranger, when i do...
  6. Lao Rebel

    no music

    i am having problems w/some games. xcom, quake2, and doom have no music. i installed timidity on one of my SD Cards. a folder called "midi" was installed. i installed the largest set. but i still get no music in doom, quake2 and xcom1. i get sounds but no music. what am i doing wrong here...
  7. Lao Rebel


    i cannot run Decent1&2. there are no install.txt as stated in documentation. where do i put these data files? do i create a folder for Decent1 and another folder for Descent2? someone please instruct me on this
  8. Lao Rebel

    cant unmount SD CARDS

    after installing BETA5, i can't unmount my sd cards. i can unmount w/out any problems w/ BETA4. so i think the problem is w/BETA 5
  9. Lao Rebel


    i don't know how to use this commodore 64 emulator. can someone guide me through this? show me the basics like running a game
  10. Lao Rebel

    backing up psx

    i'm backing up my psx games. i created a BIN file, but do i need a CUE file?
  11. Lao Rebel


    when you update an app, all i do is just delete the old app right? what about the data in the app folder? do i delete that too? im new to pandora
  12. Lao Rebel

    xcom no sound

    i just got my pandora and am testing out xcom!! my fav game of all time!! plays great, but no sound, what is the deal? i read about this a while ago on how to fix this, but i didn't have my pandora at the time, so i didn't pay too much attention. how can i enable music in xcom? you know that...
  13. Lao Rebel

    some PNDs not showing

    some PNDs are not showing up. gParted, midnightcommander, and fileroller not showing. when i put them into Menu, it just sits there. nothing shows up. is there a way to execute the program?
  14. Lao Rebel

    64gb sdxc class 6

    i am having problems w/ my 64gb sdxc cards. pandora wont detect. i tried reformatting to fat32 but can find no way to do it. any ideas?
  15. Lao Rebel

    im new to playstation games

    i have playstation games, but they come in different files like .ccd, .cue, .sub, .img. where do you put all these files? don't laugh, i'm new
  16. Lao Rebel

    how to organize pandora

    im new on Pandora. i am curious about how you guys organize your pandora. should i put games on one flash card, and apps on the other one? give me some advice. Flash cards are very expensive and i want to know how best to use them.
  17. Lao Rebel

    Freedom of the web

    with everything going on about Governments wanting to clamp down on Internet freedoms, what does this mean for the future of Pandora? they want to fight "piracy" and opensource material and it just got me thinking that the Pandora project might someday come under attack.
  18. Lao Rebel

    Leaving Pandora on indefinately

    is it a good idea to leave the Pandora on indefinately? have anyone done this? is it a good idea? maybe leaving it on sleep mode forever like the 3DS?
  19. Lao Rebel

    Flash memory for Pandora

    would i be able to use two 64GB SDXC flash memory for my pandora? would they work?