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    Gary Gygax Failed A Saving Throw Against Death This Morning. The man. The legend. The creator of the most controversial and most well known role playing game on the planet. Gary Gygax passed away this morn due to health complications, after his health had been declining since january. Let us...
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    Wow? On The Gp2x? Could This Be....possible? Nay!

    So i'm browsing around the Sauerbraten forums and i find this topic, discussing the use of the google code program "Telekinesis", to stream WoW onto the Iphone, and play it VIA the Iphone. Now, obviously, the Gp2x is not an Iphone, but i do wonder at the possibilities of a similiar program...
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    Usb Connection Will Not Work.

    "USB device not recognized" Every time i try to plug the 2X into my computer, i get this message, flashing repeatedly in a little balloon. I require help fast, as i broke my thumbdrive SDreader, and want to try the new SSNES and S-CD emulators :angry:
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    Azalins Newest Greatest 2x Mod Thingy

    Yep, I've done it again and made something amazingly useful with my GP2x. Who hasn't at least once thought of how cool it would be to have a home sound system? The kind that has a speaker in every room playing music from a central station? Well, now you can! For less than $200 canadian, i...
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    Best...subtitles...ever! My god, so funny. :D
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    The Official "what Did You Get" Thread!

    Alright, tis the time to brag about all the swag you collected today! Personally, i recieved: -$140 in cash -Hitman-style black leather gloves (Kick-ass!) -Kick-ass black suede dress shirt -Shirts -Pot of gold, truffles collection -Replacement screen & TV-out cables for my 2x! -The complete...
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    Gp2x As A Portable Hackers Tool.

    Yeah, i've had insomnia for 2 weeks, so my exhausted mind is starting to think up some pretty wierd idea's lately. The most recent one being this one: -As i was hooking my 2x up to a computer via usb today, i got to thinking "Wow, this thing looks just like something out of a spy movie...
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    Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen.

    Straight from the pages of DCemu:
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    My School Is Now Fricking Awesome!

    First, the backstory. I bought four sega dreamcasts & a crapload of games and stuff off ebay around a month ago. I finally had the cash to pay for it today (Ordered it through a friend who runs an ebay buy/sel service). So i went downtown to pick the lot up at lunch today (packed into a small...
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    Falcons Eye.

    Or has this already been done...
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    Watch This, Report Back. This video scares me, alot. :o
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    I'm just carrying this topic over from another forum, (because i find people's opinion on the subject interesting, so i wanted to see the opinions here)(and we're not talking hitler style mass-muder here, we're talking selective genocide or mercy genocide), so please don't shoot the messenger, i...
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    Anyone Read The Ring Of Darkness?

    Sadly, as far as i can tell the series has never been translated into english, and i can neither speak nor read Russian, so i have been unable to enjoy it (and apparently it's quite good) :( . Anybody had the chance to read it?
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    Creepiest Ad Ever As if you didnt already have enough reasons not to buy one... :o
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    Man Assaults Child Over Gears Of War!

    Taken from the mouth of DCemu: Teen put in hospital by 36-year-old man as a result of stock shortages While it’s normally hardware launches that prompt violence and silliness, it would seem that recently reviewed title Gears of War reached such a level of hype that some customers were...
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    1602 Ad

    I remember playing this game back in the day on an old 486 PC with barely anything in it. (litterally, the system was circa 1994 or 6). The game runs on just about anything made since vacuum tubes, according to most people. However, there is no (as far as i know) source available for it. Should...
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    Sound Is Crap On New Ssnes Version.

    I've tried fiddling with the sound rates, but to no avail. Any way to fix it? Or am i missing something and about to be "n00b"'ed?
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    Starocean Snes Support Theory

    From Dejap translations: Could we implement such a feature into SquidgeSnes to get Starocean to play? Or would it be too much trouble >_>
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    Hardware And Software Industries Going To Crash.

    Note: Because my keyboard is being a bitch, É=question mark. Alrighty, so i've been watching the trends in the Electronics hardware and software industries lately for a school project, and i've noticed some fairly disturbing trends: In Hardware: 1. A newer, better component is pushed out at...
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    Flash Player

    Found this the other day: Seems to be an open source flash player that works up to flashv7. Anybody think it could be used to make a flash player for the 2x? :huh: I mean, right now we have to turn flash into mpg or divx, and it usually turns out to be...