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    [Project] Vintage film viewer as RetroPie

    Hi all, I really liked this Hack-a-Day project: , so I ordered everything to build it (even ordered the viewer from the US because I could not find something similar in Europe). But now I have too many projects and really...
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    One-Nub Pandora On Ebay

    Hello, I placed my One-Nub-Pandora (more one and a half nub because the right one is still useable as mouse button replacement) on Ebay because I'm not really using it due to a lack of time. Bidding started at 1 Euro, I accept Paypal and will ship to nearly anywhere. Shipping to the USA and...
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    FS: PSP Fat with open firmware (EU)

    Hi there, I'm selling a PSP (Fat, old version) with custom firmware 4.01-2-M33, so it's open for everything :-) With it, there's a demo UMD, the charger, a docking station (with charging and audio output, great for using the PSP as internet radio) and two 4GB Memory sticks. Price 120 euros...