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  1. Stradian

    Mupen64 sources release

    Attached are the sources I have been working on. It emulates, can't really play. So what has been done: The Core: The core has been completely adapted to the Pandora and is utilizing the mupen 2.0 api standard, while retaining the options to be built on x86, and x86-64. Video Plugins...
  2. Stradian

    Openpandora Mark 6
  3. Stradian

    Way to prevent input from the emulated mouse?

    Hello, is there a way to prevent input from the emulated pointer for a program and input the information just from the touch screen device? I need to prevent mouse drags. (This isn't mupen related. ;) )
  4. Stradian

    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    NEWS The current state of the emulator: I have ran mario 64 against my build, with the standard mupen 64 builds of the hle rsp plugin, the sdl audio and control plugins, and Kris's opengles build of Rice. It did emulate Mario 64, I heard all the opening sounds. Video on the other hand will...
  5. Stradian

    How to point cmake to use external libraries ?

    Hello, I am using lvanovic's tool chain. My question is how do I stop cmake from including the qt4 libraries in lvanovic's tool chain, and point it to a different version outside of the tool chain?
  6. Stradian

    Just when I thought processors couldn't get any smaller...
  7. Stradian

    Compile rice's video plugin for mupen64?

    After looking into n64oid, I noticed that it uses rice's video plugin. Would preformace be better or worse in theory if the gles264 was swapped for a pandora-compiled n64oid rice plugin? Edit: source...
  8. Stradian

    What is your hair care secrets?

    I am so jealous of your hair, how do you do it?
  9. Stradian

    megaupload shutdown.

    read it and weep:
  10. Stradian

    Guess how much battery life this will have. (I bet two hours)
  11. Stradian

    Has anyone tried a scanner with the pandora?

    ^ Topic. If anyone had tried, what is your experiences with scanning? I just had a urge to buy a portable document scanner to help me defeat the future university I have got accepted at.
  12. Stradian

    My little Panda adventures of late... (sigh...)

    I am currently the proud owner of two nearly dead pandoras. One that is almost obliterated (Already been sent to ED), and another I got from a person who deceived me into buying it without me knowing it had a only functioning nub and the ptod. Regardless, I living with the large amount of bad...
  13. Stradian

    Hotfix 6: unmounting issue

    pretty much the topic. Can not unmount from the gui unless root. Help.
  14. Stradian

    Calvin and Hobbes...,21240/ *Sob*
  15. Stradian

    Possible to make a custom order?

    Hello, Unfortunately, my Pandora top fell victim to a high fall with it open. The top of the Pandora is split from the bottom of the clamshell. The lcd cable is exposed and torn from the hinge. I don't know the condition of the lcd. However, the lower half seems to be Okay, and the board...
  16. Stradian

    Ported Wagic, but

    As you can see, I have managed to get the main menu running on the pandora. But; it does come with its problems. I have compiled this with Qt with the modified make file attached. Wagic has been compiled with opengles 2. In addition I had to edit Jtypes.h to accept gles 2. The first critical...
  17. Stradian

    How to Force Opkg to install the Absoule latest?

    I'm trying to finish linking a program with some qt elements. libqtgui, one of the libaries I am trying to link to, has the class Qimage that is only supported in 4.7.x. There are 4.7+ versions for arm7a on the repo. Now, when I use opkg, it will install only the 3.6.x version. How do I force...
  18. Stradian

    Need help porting Wagic.

    /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible ../../Boost/lib/libboost_thread.a when searching for -lboost_thread /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lboost_thread collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [bin/wagic] Error 1 What should I do from here?
  19. Stradian

    Well... I guess it is time.

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    Pandora + Ebay =

    About 2 days ago, I was going to bid on a Pandora on eBay. It was reasonably priced for around 350 at the time. I was getting ready to bid until I took a gander at the bidding history. I noticed the same bidder, made 5 small bids in a row. I looked at this bidder's statistics and behold: 100%...