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  1. lennaick

    Interdiction de la vente liée ordinateur/système d'exploitation

    Interdiction de la vente liée ordinateur/système d'exploitation
  2. lennaick

    RT @materielnet: RT + follow @materielnet pour une rentrée 2015 sous le signe de l'informatique...

    RT @materielnet: RT + follow @materielnet pour une rentrée 2015 sous le signe de l'informatique !
  3. lennaick

    Current Keyboard Layout Is it impossible to create a pyra.kl ?
  4. lennaick

    Current Keyboard Layout

    We have no choice, but anyway everybody want a classic « QWERTY » keyboard for typing with two thumbs. An optimised two thumbs typing keyboard would'be better, but people are afraid of. Very usefull in terminal to copy (ctrl+ins) / paste (shift+ins) / cut (shift+del)
  5. lennaick

    Current Keyboard Layout

    This layout is really bad IMO é è à ù ç œ are not reachable at all… It look like those key < > / \ - " ' ~ : did not act as dead key… So it's really easy to type english and german but no more. Scrol lock, Break, Pause, Print screen should be elsewhere those key might be usefull but should...
  6. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    I can confirm what Kev2442 sayed. French AZERTY is the very bad keyboard for french writing… For good writing and confort the BÉPO layout is way better but not very common ATM.
  7. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    Could'be a really nice feature. I do not want to see non-english letters labeled because :  - This did not look really nice  - I'll not use all those symbols  - Some letters are misplaced and/or missing (no big deal but, if I have to (re)map them, I don't need them to be labeled)
  8. lennaick

    Name of the extra modifier (Fn/Meta/Sym/...)

    @_wb _ tab as a modifier but only if we press another key. Let's say we want to use tab/altGr as a dual-role key. If you press « Tab » alone, you've got what you expect => tab if you press « tab » + « key » it will act as a « altGr » + « key » we may use the same with space/meta or any other...
  9. lennaick

    Name of the extra modifier (Fn/Meta/Sym/...)

    Why not just put an « alt_L » and « alt_R » and give the choice to the user to turn the « alt_R » to « ISO_Level3_Shift » if needed ? Many, if not all european keyboard, have « altGr - ISO_Level3_Shift » instead of « alt_R » and we have no difficulty to type, move or resize windows, use...
  10. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    After some reading ( I've time today \o/ ) I really want to see a layout with comradekingu suggestion ( ) It'll might be easy to use with less (no?) hidden chars.
  11. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    @comradekingu : red chars are unlabeled. @_wb_ I did not expect that people remembre all deadkey but just the one they need to, My layout is not good, but I this give me one big answer about « why many dead key are not availaible on layout proposal »
  12. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    It look like the keyboard layout editor bug on save… So here is the ROW DATA of my first try of a proposal with all dead key. I know there is many thing I can move for a better layout but I didn't have the time to do more than this :
  13. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    I like this one ! For me, dead key are the best way to satisfying the most. Someone was talking about shift+AltGr as a combinaison to print another char… if AltGr+a = à ; Shift+AltGR+a must = À not ä or Ä nor å or Å. Sorry if I misunderstand… my english is rubbish :/
  14. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

    With your keyboard if I want to make « ê » I press shift+6 in order to have the « ^ » and the key « e » right ?
  15. lennaick

    It's the keyboard layout.

     Accented  charcters miss me on the pandora, it's annoying for me to type without é è à ç ï ù œ and … « » Using AltGr+<deadkey>  <key> it's possible to print nearly everything (like this keyboard that print all latin enropean char and more : )
  16. lennaick

    Port Requests

    I've just discovers a game 6 month ago, It's an open source MMO witch is really nice and called Ryzom I really don't know if this game can be ported to the Pandora or even the Pyra but it would be awesome if it's possible ^^ Repo ...
  17. lennaick

    Some PCBs, holidays, a new case revision and a theme

    I use mobile version because it's lighter with the pandy (using ugly wifi). There's no theme (or I don't know were to change theme with mobile version) Thank's for this update, Pyra will be very nice :)
  18. lennaick

    [unofficial poll] Pyra dimensions

    The actual size of the Pandora is fine, but, if the Pyra goes to be __*a little bit bigger*__ there's no problem for me. 1 cm is the __maximum__ for both width & depth
  19. lennaick

    P2 Slackware as default?

    This append with Debian too if you use non-free video driver. It's a very common problem.
  20. lennaick

    Poll: Name of the successor (Reboot)

    What about Πrˤ(Pi & Râ) for ours shiny Pandy2 ^^