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    T-Mobile "pulse" - Google Android Handset (Huawei U8220) - Ama

    Hi people!. I just wanted to evangelise a little about the whole Google Android platform, but especially the UK T-mobile "Pulse" handset, which I picked up yesterday at my local T-mobile store, for the bargain price of £147. This is a fully fledged Android handset, complete with WIFI...
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    Xbox 360 - Is This A Good Deal?

    My friend is selling an Xbox 360 (Gen 1, MINT) with TWO wireless controllers, add-on fan, dual controller batt pack charger, two rechargeable batt packs, wireless adapter, webcam, SEVEN games (good titles, can't recall what they are) add-on HDD (size unknown)... FOR £100!... Is this a good...
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    How To Unbrick Your Wiz (Retail Wiz - V1.1.0 Firmware)

    Hi guys!. I just wanted to share the knowledge that the last 24 painful hours have taught me, so I have knocked up a PDF and included the files you'll need (tested on Windows XP) to hopefully unbrick that bricked Wiz. If anyone can see anything I have missed, please do feel free to modify and...
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    The Nightmare That Gph Made Wiz...

    This console is very interesting, but *VERY* difficult to recover, should something go wrong (and it is TOO easy to make it go wrong!). GPH, I hold you accountable for the headaches that this console is causing me - goodness knows what I'd do if I *wasn't* a computer geek!!. Nightmarish!!
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    Caanoo / WIZ :( Have I Bricked My Wiz?!

    I just booted my Wiz (serial cable attached) and held down the right button, assuming the recovery firmware was on my SD card... but it wasn't. This is the readout I got from my terminal on the computer - looks worrying: U-Boot 1.1.6 (Jun 10 2009 - 18:05:46) U-Boot code: 03680000 -> 036B0AF0...
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    I Need To Know The Serial Pinouts; Rx, Tx And Gnd

    Hi guys. Okay, making a simple request for all you great people - don't need pointing to any messy Wikis with back-to-front pin numbering etc, or having diagrams drawn in ASCII please - I simply wish to know which pins are serial RX, serial TX & GND?. Here is a nice clear photo of the connector...
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    Caanoo / WIZ Alternative Distros For Wiz?

    Hi guys. I am interested to know if there are any other GNU/Linux OS' that I can install on my Wiz; for example, Damn small Linux etc, or a window manager of some sort. I am more curious about how this can be used as a general pocket device, not so much into the games side of it. Can Fluxbox be...
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    How Can I Manually Restore Wiz Firmware *without* Sd Card

    Hi folks. Does anyone here know if I can manually put the 1.1.0 firmware back onto my Wiz, without an SD card?. I only have an SDHC and it doesn't seem to like that - won't work for firmware upgrading. I am very good with the *nix "dd" command - can I do it that way?. Where does the Wiz OS...
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    [Uk] Fs: Mac Mini (Nvidia) Early 2009 3Gb Ram + More

    Hi folks. Am selling my early 2009 Mac mini. It has: Core 2 Duo @ 2Ghz 120Gb sata drive DVD+/- RW drive *3Gb DDR3 1066 ram Wifi Bluetooth Gigabit ethernet 5x USB 2.0 1x FireWire 800 *Leopard & Snow Leopard (UTD disc) *Apple remote (white) *Apple aluminium Keyboard *miniDVI to VGA...
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    This Is A Formal Apology

    Hi guys - I wanted to say sorry to you good folks. I have been rather unpleasant and a little over-zealous and hotheaded in the forums, since I started my membership last week. I would like to apologise for being argumentative & over-reacting to certain people, whether it was provoked or not, I...
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    Please Delete My Account - I Can't Stand Being Here

    I love you all, and if you love me too, say "Bye" or "glad to see you leave" etc :)
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    Wiz Firmware 1.1.0 *will Not* Restore - Help Needed!.

    Hi people. I am trying to restore Wiz firmware 1.1.0 to my Wiz (which is on 1.1.0). I need to have the unit factory restored... but it doesn't work; I just get a "GPH" logo. I too a clean, FAT32 formatted SDHC card (yes, it works in the Wiz) and copied the extracted update files to the ROOT of...
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    Need To Restore 1.1.0 Firmware On Wiz, But Stuck @ "gph" Lgoo

    Hi all. I have to reset my Wiz 1.1.0 firmware back to defaults (it is on 1.1.0 already). I have extracted and copied the six files to the ROOT of my SDHC card... but when I turn the power off, hold down right shoulder button (noone tells you it is the right SHOULDER button - they just say "the...
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    Wiz Screen Burn - Has Anyone Had This Also?

    Hi there. After having my Wiz on for about 5 hours (charging) I have noticed considerable screen burn - a ghost image of the main menu, whilst I am in the terminal especially, but everywhere on the console. Rebooting does NOT fix this. Not too impressed tbh - looks like my review will have some...
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    Initial Wiz Splash Screen; Where Is It Located Within The Filesystem P

    Hi all. I wish to customize my initial bootup splashscreen - not liking the orange one *at all* - would someone tell me where it's located - I have searched the filesystem to no avail, using the terminal. Thanks.
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    Wiz File Transfer (From Computer To Sd Card) Slowwwwww

    Hey. I just got a Wiz - nice enough device, but *WHY* does the file transfer via USB with SD card inside the Wiz, take *SOOOO* long?!. 2Mbps? give me a break!!. Also, when I finished copying a file to the SD card "Movies" folder and ejected the Wiz, where was the video to be found?... nowhere...
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    Does The Wiz Still Have Screen Tearing, And If So, Where?

    Hi folks. As a soon-to-be Wiz user, I have been doing various research, and I heard a couple of rumours about the Wiz having screen tearing issues; is this a problem, or has it been fixed?. If it hasn't, why not, and when?. Thanks