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    Minimum impedance of 3,5 mm headphone jack?

    Hi, I'd like to know waht the minimum impedance of the headphone jack of the Pandora is. For example, would it be possible to connect 5 pairs of Sennheiser MX 580 (16 Ohms each) via a Belkin 5-way splitter to the Pandora...
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    My wishlist for the P2

    -Socketed nubs: The nubs should be socketed as it was planned a while ago. If the nub socket integrated GPIO traces and a +3,3V trace connection, the nub slots could be used as a kind of universal extension slots... So the users could replace a nub by a gyrometer module, a GPS receiver or a LED...
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    OS: Switch to Mer / Plasma Active?

    Just stumbled upon this: The Mer project is the successor of Meegoo. It's only a core distribution. You will need to install a user distribution such as Nemo, Cordia, or Plasma Active. Plasma Active seem quite interesting to me, as it is written for a Linux tablet...
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    International advertising claim suggestion (attempt)

    used the rebirth splash screen and the Google translator to create something international...
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    Pandora 1.5 by replacing ICs and chips with better, pin-compatible parts?

    I wonder what such a Pandora would be capable of... If ED used the current board layout with the best pin compatible ICs available, what specs would be possible. For example, the Pandora was planned with 128 MB of RAM. The first series came with 256 MB. Now it seems that future Pandoras will...
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    Release Free Pascal - Windows Crosscompiler and Pandora versions

    Members of the German boards have put a lot of effort into these two variants: 1) Windows x86-to-Linux ARM EABI cross compiler for Pandora/WIZ/Canoo/Palm Pre/N800 (ARMEL) by KidPaddle: Link:,0,0,0,13,442 (including German documentation), FPC...
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    Absurd border disagreement between Netherlands and Germany For the Netherlands the middle of the extended river outfall of the Ems river has always been the border. Germany refers to agreements of the Congress of Vienna and a document of Frederick III written in...
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    Stripped down Pandora "light"?

    What would you think about that idea? For example, OP could leave out the Wifi/Bluetooth chip and the corresponding antenna parts. Additionally it might be possible to replace the Touchscreen by a compatible screen without touch capability. And perhaps theres a possibility to cut out the EXT...
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    I've got your number! drive me insane... :P Sorry for posting this, just stumbled across this song and it reminded me of the community... ;) :rolleyes:
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    Idea For Socket Of Socketed Nubs!

    As ED wrote in the official support forums, the OP team plans to use a kind of socket for the nubs on future batches. The big advantage of this solution is that these socketed nubs can be exchanged very easy e.g. if they are broken. After thinking a little bit about this plugged- nubs/socket...
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    [Porting] Inspirational Software Catalogue

    Hi, while surfing the web I stumbled over the website Almost all software there is open source, multi-platform and GPL licensed... Some programs have already been ported to the Pandora, but there are lots of others possible candidates summarized on that page...
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    Something Like Directshow For The Pandora?

    Hi, AFAIK, up to now most player and multimedia software for the Pandora is lacking support for hardware acceleration (TI DSP and PowerVR gfx) which results in a low speed and high battery consumption. Many coders of such software are good at high level languages like C/C++, but have no clue...
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    Next Displays Corporation 4.8" Wvga 3D-Display

    I just found a 4.8" WVGA (auto-stereoscopic?) 3D display... Screen dimensions and resulution are the same as the standard Pandora display, but I think it has no touchscreen... Perhaps it can somehow replace the original one...?
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    Video Output Signal Quality Also Affected By Impedance Problem?

    Hi, according to the blog, the wifi problem was caused due to the changed impedance of the clock trace. This was obviously the reason for a very spoiled clock signal which the wifi chip was barely able to handle. The reason for the changed impedance was the change of the board manufacturer. So...
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    E-Mail Ban List

    Hi, a few minutes ago I've registered my account at this forum. During the registration process, I had the problem that my mail address was obvoiusly not accepted by this forum. As a workaround I had to register my account via, a disposable mail provider... :blink...