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    Gph Official Update For The 26th Babelfish says there are four things of note for today: 1) Official support for Dolby AC3 in jeopardy. (Added cost per unit would be $20~30?!) 2) Windows Media support in trouble (MS getting uppity about their properties being used...
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    Gph Relocating Their Hq No, they're not moving to Hong Kong or anything, just down the road a bit. Long-distance charges are a killer, so you still probably shouldn't ring them (although they encourage it :blink:) unless you've actually got legitimate...
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    First Gpx2 (prototype) Video Footage

    As GPH sends their trademark in for approval, they step on a whole mess of other company's copyrights. But it's all good!
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    Frontpage Topic Overlap

    On the frontpage topic display, GPX2/XGP forum topics end up in both the "General [GP32]" and "General [GPX2/XGP]" sections (see Prophet's thread on top of both categories currently). I'm guessing that was not the original intent...? (It's just a little nitpick, but it looked kind of awkward)
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    Gph Is A Sub-entity Of Upstream Networks? GPH appears to be operating under their wing from their Korean HQ (they also have offices in the US and UK). Perhaps their mobile games are among the ones planned for GPX2 porting? If you must know, I figured it...
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    Buy Rite Games Dead. *insert random angelic choir sounds*
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    "official" Nanaca Crash Leaderboard Topic

    09 March 2005 Leaderboard WR. Orz: 139439.41 ( GP32X Top Ten 1. Nephandus: 30212.33 2. TandeM: 14029.49 3. c0ncept: 11609.61 4. Huxley: 7861.32 5. trooper: 7580.10 6. Bingo Jesus: 6499.94 7. woogal: 6360.20 8...
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    [pc] Her Knights 2: Gloria In Excelsis Deo

    Stop the wedding! I object to this marraige! (Junon's Back+R+B overhead strike is better, anyway) Anyway, Byulbram Creatures' latest game in the Her Knights RPG series is now available at your local Korean and/or Arabian game market. This one won't be quite so easy to patch into English...
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    They Don't Call It The Interweb For Nothing Is being 2 clicks apart from the Sardius collection some sort of accomplishment for this place?
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    Remove 'other Consoles' Threads From The Main Page

    I don't know why the threads in 'Other Consoles' are still listed on the front page - headlines like "Saturn emu", "N64 emu", "New SNES emulator", etc. not only consume space on the front page that could be reserved for GP32-related topics, in some cases they can propagate confusion at first...
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    Is Craig Tipping Us Off?

    Today's GBAX update: 15th June: GP32BLU's are on the way to us, so you only have a tiny amount of time left to take up the 166mhz + smc r/w offer. Now, with the BLU's we have to mod them to 166mhz, this will take at least a day for all the preorders so please be patient with us, it will be...
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    Is Gp32 Manager Lying?

    I've deleted two sizable folders from my SMC lately - GP:/GPMM/GENESIS (moved to unzipped ROMs for Gigadrive and shifted them to another SMC) and GP:/GPMM/GPWar (accidentally installed the French version...oops) using the GP32 Manager. But while the folders are gone, GP32 Manager (or even the...
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    Team K2yaa Update

    A quick heads-up: k2yaa's site has switched hosts (now they've got 2.5GB monthly download :D), and the next beta of their MP3 player should be ready on the 17th.
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    Rrootage Port

    Kenta Cho's rRootage is a killer shmup for the PC. It's open source, uses SDL, has OGG BGM, and runs (relatively) smoothly in hi-res (640x480) mode on a P166. Bullet patterns are handled with BulletML (libs here). RNG (random number generation - creates unique patterns on the fly) is done...
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    Good News & Bad News From Team Eternity...

    First, the bad news: Team Eternity has put their upcoming commercial SRPG Goddess Saga (the "Next Big Thing" according to Insert Credit) on hold. This comes after the release date has already been pushed back from late 2003 into 2004. Development may pick up again sometime in the future. But...
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    Found this at Gamepark's Customer Support Board...

    Original link - I was poking around GPZigi when a found a link to the above thread at the it, a poster asks whether the GPi will be going on sale anytime soon. From what I could make out of the Babelfish...
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    Wanna be Wizard! 2nd preview video

    The 2nd preview video for A&B Soft's Wanna be Wizard! is out. Link for now at GPZigi, maybe some others mirrors will pop up soon. In related obscure-Korean-SRPG news, Team Eternity has bumped the release date of Goddess Saga from late 2003 to an (indeterminate?) 2004 date.
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    New project from Team ICON

    Team ICON (of Fire&Fire) revealed their newest project, "Daydreamin"'s designed in the style of a board game, and will support up to 4 players (presumably through RF Link.) Only one preliminary screenshot is available for now, hopefully more news will follow. Team ICON Home (Korean)...
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    New techdemo/project at GPower32

    There's a new project at called "SNKFighterGP," which looks like the beginnings of a King of Fighters conversion. Only one character with limited animation implemented for now, but hopefully that will change. A newer version of DragonBallGP is also available there.
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    Goddess Saga (Korean SRPG) announced

    Eternity has put up an official site for their upcoming strategic RPG "Goddess Saga" here. It's a hex-based warfare game with an in-depth combat engine, and boasts 19 unique character classes, including Wizard, Knight, and Nurse. 9 of these classes have been revealed; the rest are still under...