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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    No Asteroid, unfortunately that didn't work.   I haven't got a power adapter unfortunately, what exactly am I looking for as I have a load of adapters in the loft...   edit: Ah, ok, I've read in the manual what I need...but concerned about the + - requirments. How do I know what the adapter is?
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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    UPDATE: Nope, doesn't work. :o   So, here are the symptoms, using brand new batteries:   - Red LED light turns on. - Screen or back lighting doesn't turn on. - No sound or anything running in the background.   Tried different batteries, and booting with no card.   Any help appreciated.
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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    OK mate, will do.   When I say 'loft', it's really just like another room. It does tend to get hotter and colder than a normal room, but beyond that, it's just like a normal room.   The GP32 was in a sealed bag too, and obviously boxed. It has been up there 'years' though.   Will leave it and...
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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Brand new Duracell batteries. Standard, no rechargable.
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    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Hey, long time no speak, it's been 10 years since I first joined this site. :o   I got my GP32 BLU down from the loft yesterday and thought I'd have a go.   The unit turns on (red light) but the screen appears blank. Nothing happens.   It was stored very well, and has suffered no damage.  ...
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    Need Assistance From Someone In Norway

    Wow. Can't believe this. I've just been on an expedition to Norway - the Solskjaer mountain monkhouse to be exact. Kind of a religious retreat. You know the type. But anyway, whilst staying there with Father Arne John Riise; a severe landslide destroyed the local pumping station which...
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    Dark Alex 3.03 Oe A Firmware!!!

    PSP Maaaaaan, it is THE portable console. :D At least once you get a grip of it all.
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    You Ask For A Wii...

    I love my modded XBOX. It's great. I got some old chip in it back in the day...but had to change it when they starting banning people from LIVE - to one with a switch. I never bothered with a bigger Hard Drive - should have done though. Being very, very lazy it would have been great to have...
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    Official Wii Launch Details

    Now that the final details are out, I can't help but feel considerably less excited about the Wii. £179 is way too much for the Wii. Can anyone really say the expected it to be that much? It was touted as being the '2nd machine' that everyone would own...but at this price, is it still the case...
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    2.81 Firmware Decrypted

    I've only just installed Devhook with 2.71 emulation. It really is fantastic what they're doing these days.
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    Nintendo's Brain Training Gaff?

    Christ Tarrant advertises DS Brain Training Recent adverts hre in the UK have our 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' host Christ Tarrant advertising 'Brain Training' on the DS. In the advert, it is said that by Chris playng the game, he will remember more things for his wife (such as an...
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    Help Naming A Retro-rpg

    It wouldn't be: Drakkhen 2: Dragon View, Drakkhen II: Dragon View, Super Drakkhen (JPN)... Would it?
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    Steve Irwin

    Don't worry, your post is followed by the most insensitive post of the year. RIP Mr Irwin.
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    Pro Evo 6 Is An Xbox 360 Exclusive

    This 360 exclusivity has been majorly overblown. - As has already been said, PES6 will still be appearing on the PS2, PSP and PC. - Microsoft said exclusivity for 1 year, when the agreement is actually only until the end of the year. There is no chance of a delay for PES7 on the PS3 because of...
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    University Choices

    You're from Sheffield? Don't worry, anywhere will be a step up.
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    Yeah, there's a racecourse.
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    Do Any Emulators Support Multiplayer?

    PSP has many multiplayer emus.
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    That Giveaway Thing The Bbc Recommended?

    I watched a video a while back on the BBC about: They said it was it like? NOTE: I don't have an account or anything, I was just curious.
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    Sony Press Conference

    Talking of which, did anyone have one of these? I did, and it was dump. I mean, it was an ok pad, but the motion sensor thing was either: 1. Useless. 2. Extremely 'un-fun' to use. I suppose with it being on the PS3 and Wee then we will get games specifically geared towards the motion sensing...
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    Upgraded My Psp To Firmware 2.7

    I'll never upgrade from 1.5. Ever. The only thing I'm missin out on is the browser...and although I want this badly, the browser does not outweigh the positives of staying on 1.5.