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    Release [REPO] Battleship

    This is a Java game, so you need WizardStan's Java.pnd. Just uploaded my first game to the repo.  It's a battleship game where you play against the computer, which has some intelligence, on an editable size board. Get it here:
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    Pandora [SOLVED]Trouble creating pnd for Java game

    The final for school was a battleship game, and I thought since it could be a nice game to have on the panda I would try and pnd it up.  The .jar file works fine with WizardStan's Java.pnd installed.  The problem I'm having is trying to create the .pnd.  I have tried in Windows 7 with PndTools...
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    Error when running Java

    I have followed WizardStan's instruction on how to install Java, and I think it went correctly.  I'm in a Java class, and thought it would be great to be able to run the simple programs on my Panda, but when I tried to run a simple 'hello world' type command I get this error message (which works...