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    Backlighting / Power Management issues

    Hi all, I've recently noticed a very strange behavior with my pandora. When I shut it down, everything seems working fine but the screen's backlight stays on (gotta be in a very dark environment to see it). It would explain why a couple of times I've found my Pandora with a completely...
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    GP2X Is It Too Late For A Game On Gp2X?

    The GP2X production officially stopped a while ago already. The first batch of Pandoras is about to ship. I guess it's late if the GP2X life right now... But still, I've been developing some tech for a while now and would like to use it, at least once! So I restarted my old GP2X project (after...
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    Nonexistent Developer Community

    you might have seen this: or maybe not. It's kinda nice to have Gizmodo talking about the Pandora. However it concludes the article with: "It's good to see the little guy make it this far, but at the moment it's not doing anything...
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    Pro Motion6 Is Out! not very programming oriented, it's a tool to do sprite grpahics and animations. cuz a program needs visuals too ;) fro mthe website: "pro motion is a drawing and animation software for Windows designed similar to the famous Amiga Deluxe Paint...
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    How Green Will Be The Pandora

    Greepeace released its study on toxicity levels for the PS3, 360 and Wii. How will the Pandora perform on the green side, anyone knows?