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    An Apology

    In the past I have said that the Pandora would never be delivered. Well I was wrong and I would like to apologize for being such a negative troll. Well done to Craig and his team for fighting through the adversity and getting it done against all the odds. Conrad
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    A Harsh Dose Of Reality

    I have continually stated that the Pandora will NEVER be delivered, and I have yet to be proved wrong. I would like you to look at a post from over a year ago on this thread...
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    Iphone Running Unreal 3 Engine

    Wow, a handheld device that's already shipped running the Unrreal 3 engine Wow!!!
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    New Games

    Now that the pandora is so late (still vaporware last time I checked) and much more powerful handheld hardware has been released whilst we have been waiting for it, do you think the pandora is relevant anymore? Will it get developer support?
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    July Is Here - When Will It Be Released

    So July is here - still says "Create mould of final case (can be done once the case fits, takes 30 - 35 days)" Is that before or after the boards are made. Looks like its still a VERY long wait to see one of these things for real. Next year maybe?
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    Still No Refund

    In an email 2 weeks ago I was promised a refund by the end of last week, it didn't arrive. I complained, was told I was a 'whinger' to complain. Chip told me the refunds would be sorted by the end of this week. It is now the end of this week. Still no refund. Can somebody please tell me...
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    Wouldn't It Be Nice...

    Hi, given the IMMENSE amount of confusion and problems that they are having with order, wouldn't it be nice to: Have a page on a website where you can check the status of your order :-) I ordered in the UK using a debit card with Protx. I have absolutely no way of knowing if I will receive a...