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    opengl es 2.0 at 3000 polys too slow?

    hello, i'vw got a little problem. i'm programming a opengl es 2.0 application. but 3000 polgygons are too much for the pandora. or isn't it? i use the cdev-tools on pandora and the libGLESv2, libEGL for linking. perhaps i forgot some compilerdefines? or is this the wrong sdk? i use...
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    unity input devices on open pandora?

    hello, more and more titles of android are made with unity 3.x. and also android is running on open pandora. thats very nice. but here is my question. did anybody has tryed to use the inputdevice (dpad, joystick and keyboard) from unity on open pandora? are these inputdevices are mapped to...