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    The O and P keys can fill in for the "missing" 5th and 6th face buttons -- the vertical arc looks odd at first, but (speaking from experience!) it's not awkward to use at all.
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    Commercial Games

    How about Supreme Snowboarding/Boarder Zone? The PC version had fairly low minimum requirements (300MHz PII, 32MB RAM, 3D acceleration -- OpenGL was supported), and had some staggering graphics for its time. It was published by Infogrames, so Atari should have control of it now...I think...
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    Tv Out Support?

    Wiki list should be mostly accurate.
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    Anyone Tried Cr-v3 Batteries?

    I have my GP32 (not 2X) modded to run on rechargable CR-V3s. It doesn't outperform NiMH cells of equal mAh rating (mine's 1800mAh; I think 2000mAh+ is available now). Recharge time is about four hours; one battery+charger costs $30 or so.
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    In rRootage, there was 'intentional' slowdown that kicked in when the screen got too crowded. I -think- Noiz2sa had the same 'feature', too...
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    Mariokart Ds

    236285-127230 here. Have fun trying to ruin my 91-10 record!
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    Heck, Google is a currency conversion site these days.
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    Hey Reesy! Any Chances Of You Porting Snes9x?

    NK's SNES emulator is mostly derived from SNES9x (and OS9xGP) anyway, isn't it?
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    Word Disassociation

    Not that it hasn't been negated already, but citrus juice regularly contains pulp. EDIT: Nevermind me, just late catching up to Deleted User...
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    One Silly Little Problem

    Plus your headphone plug may not physically fit into the recess - all Grado models have this problem. A slimmer 1/8"-1/8" adapter/extension should handle it if that's the case.
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    Screen Issues?

    The next release of the CPU speed changer is going to address the diagonal lines and flickering.
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    Clock-changer Modified ... Feel The Speed

    Vimacs' stereo fix seems to be incompatible with this (read: I uninstalled it and now it doesn't lock up on exit).
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    Joystick Mod

    For the less brazen, it's possible to cut a few millimeters from the center of a round toothpick and stuff it in the plastic shaft, which maintains the 'unscrewed*' effect all the time. Cutting away the shaft has the benefit of reduced throw distance/dead zone, though. *I know there isn't a screw.
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    Clock-changer Modified ... Feel The Speed

    Anyone unable to get this working? My GP2X always locks up on exit, even when underclocking/leaving the clock unchanged. Here are the only things I've done that could be the problem: -Installed firmware v1.0.1 + .gpu patch -Installed vimacs' mono->stereo autopatch -Done the foam-layer removal...
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    Battery Lite Still Lit After Firmware 1.0.1

    You have the v1.0.1 Utility patch installed (mplayer update and stuff), but not the actual kernel. Format to FAT32 if you haven't already and try again; if that doesn't work, your card may not be supported.
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    Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

    Working: EDGE Tech 512MB (formatted in WinXP SP2)
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    How About A Gp2x Icon?

    There's a limit to what I can do with a black-on-black color scheme, but this should be better:
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    Gp2psx V0.10

    Wow, I don't remember the Mako stuff making Cloud glow like that... :blink: :P
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    My Fix For The Joystick Screen Pressure Problem.

    I'm almost done reassembling (removed the headphone/EXT/USB cover flaps, touched up the headphone socket, and lined up the battery LED along with removing the foam square), but I'm seeing one screw that's about 2~3mm longer than the others. Is that normal, and if so, which corner does it go in?
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    How About A Gp2x Icon?

    *makes* Less realistic, more 'icon-y': Matching-size (less detail): gp32_console