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    Backlighting / Power Management issues

    Hi all, I've recently noticed a very strange behavior with my pandora. When I shut it down, everything seems working fine but the screen's backlight stays on (gotta be in a very dark environment to see it). It would explain why a couple of times I've found my Pandora with a completely...
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    Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    Also, this play-box reminds me of the "pandora box" or whatever it was called, what happened with that idea/concept/project ?
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    Ouya - Android based open gaming console

    That's actually what makes using the Android platform the brightest idea of all this endeavor, and what could save their ass from the Phantom effect. If the user can load up ANY Android app and play without much worry (using the controler's touch pad) then it's viable from the start, and makes...
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    GP2X Advanced Optimization Via Profiling With Gcc4

    Critical: thanks I'll give it a try. Somehow I was sure it was Linux-only Ziz: If you see it as the compiler not being able to optimize better than yourself, that it's a good thing :) Losing perfs when using profiling-aided optimization is scary tho..
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    GP2X Advanced Optimization Via Profiling With Gcc4

    Hi all, I'm using devkitGP2X (gcc4.0.2), when I enabe profiling (-lprofile-generate) I get the following error: SRC/bz_3D.c: In function 'drawtritex16b_FixPoint_split2': SRC/bz_3D.c:1893: internal compiler error: in int_mode_for_mode, at stor-layout.c:251 If I comment out the function (which...
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    Writing a Game in C

    Interesting topic. Gotta say I've been writing pretty much all of my projects in C (using standard libs) for quite some years now. And it sure is still easy to over-planify, and try doing specific libs, rather than making your game (or demo or whatnot). But it can become VERY comfortable to...
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    Release Inside The Box - Anyone interested in Pandora-only Zine ?

    Hey awesome idea! I love diskmags :) I'd like to help but really have no time on ma hands. Do we have any gfx/music people in the pand community ? (so far it seems it's mostly coders and linux fans) If you're serious about this, you should talk with Axel/BRS (the dude behind Zine) he...
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    GP2X Is It Too Late For A Game On Gp2X?

    It's been quite a long time, but I suppose an update will be welcome :) As stated at the beginning of the thread, I've restarted the project. It's going well, as most of the tech is there. Only thing missing is the assets themselves (the tracks really). And recently I hit a wall: I was aiming...
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    Getting Cross-Compiling Up And Running On Windows

    Just to add a quick note: I've downloaded/installed the Sourcery package and added it to a new compiler profile in Dev-Cpp, just like I was using for the GP2X. Worked like a charm for a simple terminal program (helloWorld-like). I haven't tested a real, graphical application (with GLES and all)
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    Why are all of the tutorials for C++?

    Like it's probably been said already, I must say it all goes with comfort and mindset. I know I personally am much more confident in writing procedural code rather than OO, so I choose C. I find it also much quicker to compile. C++ has been quite trendy in the last decade so that's pretty much...
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    Native C++ IDE

    after some testing, geany 0.18 was available as PND, however it was broken; was complaining the config files couldn't be saved/created. geany 0.19 can also be found as PND and seems to work. However it was flaky and has tendency to shut down unexpectedly. main problem however is that the...
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    Native C++ IDE

    Torpor: Oh come on! We're talking about IDE here. What you suggest is pretty much 'how to get around without using IDE' :) gfrancisdev: geany looks cool, thanks, I'll give it a try!
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    Native C++ IDE

    I tried Code::Block but it can't save anything, project or source file Anyone got this message too or am I alone? Would I be better off with another IDE? thanx
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    Got My Email!

    GOT MY MAIL w000t!!11oneone no idea my place in the queue but no I know I was probably <700 :) Now it's time to wait for the costoms to proceed it. Then it goes to my old appartment, where they'll find a way to not be there when it arrives so I have to go way out of the city, by bus, to get...
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    Flash Games On Pandora?

    Thx Sonus for the hint to Gnash. As for the Flash vs real game/real code: Flash is accessible to everyone who's got a browser, so the userbase is extremely big. When you do a specific Pandora or even a Win32 game, you reduce the potential userbase, and on windows, to download and install the...
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    Evildragon's Cebit Speech Now With English Subtitles

    Thx Fishbong for subs! great presentation, ED!
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    More Required Watching

    Very nice documentary, thx for sharing! Ends up probably much more positively than the average endeavor, or at least it seems so from the beginning of the video. Will there be a PandoraCaseTown somewhere at some point?
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    Deus Ex

    last update on 10 December 2009, so it's pretty recent :) I'm not totally convinced such a huge task is possible for a small team like them (2 people) but I wish them the best of lucks :D they might even be able to fix some of UE flaws (like the mouse lag)!
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    Content Ratings

    well the comments system worked ok enough to figure out troubles and/or fixes. and if nobody wanted to vote it's probably because everything is more or less average. I have yet to see total crap and pure gems on gp2x repo...
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    Content Ratings

    What about user rating instead. If it contains childporn or racially discriminatory violence or is just full of bugs and unplayable, it will be downvoted. Then we cover everything/anything and the review board is made of the users themsleves. Also it makes it harder for people to cheat. And the...